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Majestic: Issue #2 January 7, 2002
In this Issue:
Letter From the Editor
Introducing the Staff
New Features
Upcoming Features
Site Spotlight
The Lit.Org Webring
The Write Off
The Thread

 Letter from the Editor
Happy New Year. Unlike most sites, we didn't take the Holiday's off. No, we kept at it to bring you some great new features and improved some old ones. Still, the best is yet to come.

Our staff has grown, members have grown an the Archive has grown. Not only is quantity up, but so is quality. With an influx of talented writers, it seems everyone is rising up to meet the challenge. And we've been having record numbers of visitors to the site. Things are really starting to click.

We also have some exciting new projects beyond just adding new features. Along with the books being published, 2002 will prove to be our most exciting year yet!

Chrispian H. Burks
Editor - Lit.Org

 Introducing the Staff
For those of you who visit the site regularly, you probably already know who the staff members are. Some of you don't. Those of you who are new might not know everyone, and we've added a couple of new staff members. I would like to take this time to give them some of the spotlight and let everyone know who it is that makes Lit.Org tick.

Justin, Parteepants, Beckett, Kross, Daisymonster, and Roganize make up our talented staff. Each of them help out in their own way as well as have specific tasks.

Justin is our head programmer and responsible for the day to day coding needs of the site. You would be amazed at how much code it takes to power our site.

Parteepants and Beckett are our Guardians. Some sites call them Mentors. They are here to help out when users need help, and also to promote and run events.

Kross and Daisymonster are Acolytes. Their job is to help out with just about anything that we might need help with. One of their main functions is to help advertise Lit.Org on other sites, mailing lists and newsgroups. The Acolytes are also the ones who gather news and headlines from around the web. We are looking for more Acolytes.

And finally, Roganize, our Only Magistrate, helps keep things in check. He helps validate posts, moderates the forums and helps me keep things running smoothly.

I can't thank these people enough. They do a great job keeping the site in top shape!

 New Features
We've added a couple of new features to the site. We try to add new features almost weekly - and we manage to do a pretty good job of keeping that goal.

This round we modified the view routine so that it now hyperlinks the category a story is in and displays it in the story header.

We also increased the profiles so that if a user has more than ten posts, it will let you browse through them, ten at a time until you've seen all of a writers stories.

We also added a what's new program to the recent submissions. You can new view the last 25 or 50 submissions, submissions in the last 24 hours, or submissions in the last week.

 Upcoming Features
Some of the features you can look forward too in the coming weeks. Author Promote, allowing authors and editors to promote their books. Writers Wanted, allowing both Publishers and Writers to post their availability. The Lit.Org Reader, which will be a new way to easily browser and read your stories. Member Preferences, allowing members to set preferences for categories, favorites, favorite authors, subscribe to categories, get e-mail updates and more. These are just a few of the big features we have planned.

We've also got several content features in development, including a site dedicated to the best work selected from Lit.Org. We also have several sub-sites planned for specific genre's as well as specialized zine projects. We are always trying to expand the original content produced by Lit.Org and some of the things we have in the design phase are very exciting. We think you'll be very pleased.

 Site Spotlight
Strangeminds.com is a website dedicated to writers and amateur writers. Through feedback, reviews and community support our goal is to help writers focus and hone there skills in hopes that one day they will become published writers. The site was developed to be a source of information and a place to let writers post their work online so others can read and review it. http://www.strangeminds.com/

 Lit.Org Webring
Webmasters, We've added a Lit.Org webring to the site. If you have a site and want to increase your exposure sign up for the Lit.Org webring!


 The Write-Off
This week’s event features the considerable writing talents of Crowe and Kross. Please take the time to read and rate Crowe’s “Silent Night” and Kross’s “A Bad Day.” Both are fabulous stories that deserve your attention. I’ll tabulate the scores and declare a winner on Friday in the Write Off’s forum section.

Also, I very excited to announce next week’s competition, which could be billed as Lit.Org Vs. Strangeminds because it will pit one of our best writers against one of theirs. Representing Lit.Org will be Rogan, who is the true master of the dark and angry rant. Representing Strangeminds is an unassuming but very talented writer named Jeff. His light and humorous style is the polar opposite of Rogan’s, which is why this is going to be a fantastic match up.

To sample Jeff’s writings, visit Strangeminds.com and be sure to read the following: “Finally, Trojan makes Xlarge Condom,” “In the Blink of an Eye,” and “Old Fashioned Country Love.”

Of course, you can read Rogan’s great works here at Lit.Org, and I would recommend: “Raw Blink, “Andrenochrome Dreams” (any issue), and “The Lady of Hope.” Please, visit Lit.Org Sunday evening to see these two monsters go toe to toe. You won't be disappointed.

Guardian ­ Lit.Org

 The Thread
The Scrap Pile has had some new life breathed into thanks to Crowe and his beautiful addition. I think that this story has a lot of potential and I’m hoping we can maintain its intensity for a few more weeks.

If you are interested adding a post, please come to the forum titled, “The Thread: Scrap Pile” and sign up. I believe the more people who add to this story the better it will be. So if you are a Lit.Org member, I hope you will participate. Just try to submit your post within 24 hours of signing up and if you run into problems, please withdraw to enable others to take a crack at it.

Guardian ­ Lit.Org

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