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Majestic: Issue #23 Monday, October 27, 2003

In This Issue:
Letter from the Editor
What's New at Lit.Org
What's new at Writing Forums
What's New at Writers Unbound
Writing Prompts - Get Inspired to Write!
Tell Your Friends

Letter from the Editor

Hello everyone, have I got some great stuff for you this time around. In the spirit of Halloween, I've toiled over the Lit.Org to-do list and worked my magic to offer some new features and improve some old ones!

So, here is my treat for you all this Halloween, Enjoy!

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What's New at Lit.Org

Cosmetic Changes - You may have noticed some general cosmetic changes. The goal here was to move everything up on the page as it is getting a little long. I've also had complaints that the old nav under the logo was a bit too small so I have new tabs at the top of the page for some of the quick items people use the most. I may shrink these down about, but that's where they'll be from now on. I'm in the process of making all the navigation more consistant so that the site is easy to navigate.

Bugs Fixed - There were a handful of bugs lurking about that have now been fixed. While I was in there, I also removed the pesky reset button from most forms. Hopefully I got them all.

Blogs - I'm happy to say we finally have Blogs here! You have your own personal blog at http://www.lit.org/blog/username. If you want to add an entry to your blog, simply post it to the "blog" category and it'll show up in your blog. Read the recently upldated list of blogs to keep up with them. I've added a few entries to mine to serve as example: Crowe's Blog

BBCode - You can now format your posts using BBCode, exactly the same way you do on many forums. Use BBCode to add bold, italic, color or even font changes to your submissions. Learn more about BBCode.

Author Home Page - You can link to your own "Author" page to let people view your profile, read your work, read your comments or view your blog. Just link to http://www.lit.org/author/username. For example: http://www.lit.org/author/crowe

XML Feeds - Here is a feature that's been lurking in beta test for quite some time. XML feeds allow you to subscribe to Lit.Org using a content aggregator. This one is mainly for the geeks out there. XML Feeds:
Features http://www.lit.org/go/featuresxml.php
Newswire http://www.lit.org/go/newswirexml.php
Poetry http://www.lit.org/go/poetryxml.php
Stories http://www.lit.org/go/storiesxml.php

PDA Version - Do you have a PDA or other small screen browser? Check out Lit.Org to go at http://www.lit.org/go

Favorites & Reading List - When you view an item on the site you'll now have the ability to add it to your Favorites or your Reading List. The favorites folder is designed to give you easy access to your favorite works. The reading list is meant to be used as a "bookshelf" of items you want to read but don't have time to just yet. View the item, add it to your reading list so you don't lose it or foret it, and read it later. You can view and update your Favorites and Readling List in the Control Panel under the "Read" Tab.

New Items This Week & Lonely Posts - One of the constant problems we've faced at Lit.Org is the volume of new submissions. I think we do a pretty good job of making things visible, but it's not always enough so I've created two new tools. Week View will give you a look at the last 7 days post, sorted into days to make it easy to browse and catch up. And for those posts that still manage to escape getting views or comments I've created the Lonely Posts page. Give these neglected items some love.

What's new at Writing Forums

Our forum site, Writing Forums, has taken off like wildfire. The success was very unexpected and due to the masstive growth we've finally had to add moderators to the site. We recnetly held an elecection and here are the chosen Moderators:
Beatrice Boyle

If you haven't been visiting the forums you really should. There are some fantastic and totally addictive threads going on. Here are a few to get you in the mood:

What's New at Writers Unbound

Looking for inspiration, writing tips or ideas? Writers Unbound features Articles, Essays, Columns and other features to help you with your adventures in writing. Here are the latest offerings from Writers Unbound.

One Writer's Journey: Meet Your Characters
by Matthew Wayne Selznick on October 22, 2003

Dealing with Writers Block
by Adam Reyher on October 17, 2003

Book Review: Writer's First Aid
by Christina Johns on October 13, 2003

Building Worlds
by Chrispian H. Burks on October 9, 2003

The Importance of Researching Your Chosen Setting
by JH Furnish on October 4, 2003

Writers Writing: Ray Garton on Manuscript Length
by Christina Johns on September 30, 2003

Where To Get Great Ideas For Writing Your Next Article
by Ron Knowlton on September 28, 2003

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Writing Prompts - Get Inspired to Write!

Halloween Prompt
Halloween is in almost upon us. Write a story about the strangest thing that's ever happened to you on Halloween!

Photo Prompt
They say a picture is worth 1000 words, an no place believes it more than Worth 1000 .com. Visit Worth 1000 and select a picture and write 1000 words!

The Kid Prompt
Disney's "The Kid" introduced a grown up Bruce Willis to himself as a child. Write a short store about you meeting yourself as a child.

When your done, post them in your blog!

Tell Your Friends

Tell Your Friends,

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