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Majestic: Issue #21 Sunday, August 10, 2003

In This Issue:
Letter from the Editor
Site Updates
Get inspired to write!
Read something!
Tell your friends!

Letter from the Editor,

With summer blazing full on, I find myself retreating indoors to avoid getting cooked in the hot, summer sun! School is also heating back up, which means our members who join us from university computers will be back soon, and what a great time to be back.

Chrispian H. Burks
Editor / Publisher

Site Updates,

I've been working on improving some of the existing features at the site lately, including an all new archive search that produces much better results and includes a short excerpt, author, date published and category to help you decide if it's the one you were looking for. You can also select to search for all of a specific authors work. Try out the new search.

We've had quite a few requests for a list of books and software for writers and we've got one for you! You can read a short description, see a picture and get pricing right on our site, thanks to Amazon.com's helpful web services. Take a look at our list of Writing Books and Writing Software.

The site has been really busy as of late and to help with the effort of getting everyone published in a timely manner we increased the number of new items that show up on the front page in the poetry and story areas. We will continue to try to improve the way that works until we find the right formula to give everyone the exposure they need while making sure they don't have to wait in line to long before they get published.

I know I've been teasing you with a few new projects and I've got some details for you now! First off, we are working hard on getting pricing so we can publish two anthologies. Once we settle on a page limit we will start calling for submissions and giving out the guidelines for being included in the books. We are very exited about the books, which have been a long time on the drawing board.

We have three new projects slated to launch in September. Bartleby will be Editor in Chief of our new ezine called Elixir Magazine (www.elixirmagazine.com), which will feature short stories, poetry and flash fiction from talented writers. With strict editing and quality control, Elixir Magazine is a true showcase of talented writers, so sharpen your skills if you hope to get published!

Next up is a pair of sites called Writers Unbound and Readers Unbound. Writers Unbound will focus on the business and craft of writing with is main focus on the new age of publishing beyond books (hence the unbound). Readers Unbound will focus on finding truly great things to read in the vast sprawls of cyber space.

Get inspired to write!,

Sometimes it's easy to find other things to do besides write. I know I get distracted easily with work, errands, and just plain goofing off! I've run across some great ways to get back into the swing of writing and to help get your creative juices flowing. Try this out for yourself, I think you'll find them as useful as I have.

Five minute stories - This prompt is one of my favorites as it appeals to quick bursts of writing and blogging, two of my favorite ways to write. The idea is to write about anything at all for 5 minutes and post it to your blog. Quick and simply prompt to get you going.

Fiction Addiction Writing Prompt has a new prompt for you daily. A great resource of you find yourself searching for something to write.

Writing Forums Writing Challenge, our very own forums have some great challenges to get you in a creative mind set, including "5 words per post", "Pyramid Post Story", "Haiku Altercation", "{un}holy?! haiku challenge" and many more.

Creative Writing Prompts is a site dedicated to writing prompts. It's a must have site in your bookmark list and a great resource for breaking the "block".

Writers Digest Writing Prompts.. what writing link list isn't complete without a link to Writers Digest? These people know writing and their prompts are often some of the best you can find.

Read something!,

There is no shortage of great things to read on the web. This time around I'm spotlighting some sites that help find those gems and share them with the rest of us. I hope you have lots of free time, because it's very easy to get lost with all the great things to read on these sites!

Readers Read, from the people behind Writers Write, bring story excerpts from books and the latest bits from books around the web.

Short Stories is one of my favorite places to lose myself in a good story. The quality of work is outstanding and they are very active and have a great forum.

Rob's Great Reads scours the web and shares the stories he finds with the rest of us. He's got a great eye for good writing.

The 13th Story is a great place to jump right into reading with their handy random story feature. If you like the random story feature at lit.org, I think you'll love theirs as well!

ABC Tales is a place, much like Lit.Org, where writers share their stories for the world to read. They have a great volume of work to choose from so make sure you have plenty of time to spare when you visit ABC Tales.

Tell your friends!,

If you know someone who might like Majestic, feel free to forward them this copy! We've also got a quick, easy form you can use to tell people about Lit.Org and give them a chance to get their own copy every month! Help us out and tell your friends!

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