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Majestic: Issue #20 Sunday, June 29, 2003

In This Issue:
Letter from the Editor
Site Updates
The Sunday Night Write Off
Read Something
Write Something
Improve your writing skills
Tell your Friends!

Hello Majestics,

Welcome to a much bigger issue of Majestic! As promised, I've supped this edition which will be the format for some time to come. We may add or drop features, but this is the basic format. It's now full of great resources to inspire you to write and even help find you a paying market for your work. I'll continue to improve on the format until we have the right mix of goodies for you each issue. Once I've nailed it down, we may even go to a bi-weekly edition of there is enough interest!

It's almost July and come the 4th, I'll be 30 years old! I'm reminded of my pal Joey, from Friends and to quote him "Why, God, Why are you doing this to us!" as he shouted to the camera every time one of them turned 30. Joey, my Friend, I hear ya.

So, lets not waste any more time and jump right into it, shall we?

Chrispian H. Burks
Editor / Publisher

Site Updates

The Random Reading feature has turned out to be quite a success. It's one of the most viewed pages on the site now! If you haven't tried it, it's a great wa to find some real gems on the site, so go do some Random Reading.

The Lit.Org (Dictionary) has been improved upon with suggestions by Spudley. It now accounts for spaces and punctuation, so if you get sloppy or your computer just refuses to do what you tell it to, you should still get the word your looking for. I have one other improvement for the Dictionary and as soon as I get it all sorted, I'll drop you a note! Hint: You'll be able to use it on any site you visit!

The Writing Forums continue to grow at a delightfully alarming rate. If you haven't signed up yet, your missing out on some great topics. And for those of you who practice the art of Fan Fiction, we have a sister site to writing forums just for you: Fan Fiction Forums!

Work on our sister site is going well. The design is done and we are working out launch details. Thanks to those who have submitted column ideas. We will also accept articles on the various aspects of writing so send those as well! We have launch date of August 1 st planned! There will be more details in the July Majestic.

The Sunday Night Write Off

I'm pleased to say that the Sunday Night Write Off is back with a vengeance! Last week we had a three way battle, our first ever, between northerain, DragonReborn, and ArturHawking. If you haven't read and voted on these, please do! The Write Off.

This week we get to see northerain Vs. justmitina. The story starters have been sent and the new entries will be posted tomorrow. Don't forget to drop by to read and vote on this weeks round!

Read Something

The web has a great wealth of content to offer but sifting through it can be a laborious and time consuming task.

For this installment of "Read Something", I would like to introduce you to a somewhat smaller nook on the vast canvas of the web: Episodic Fiction. At first glance you might mistake it for Fan Fiction, and while that is true at times, it's not the norm. This form of serialized fiction makes grand use of the Web's medium giving you extra information, like cast bio's, history, time lines and facts. Below are some of my favorite picks for reading Episodic or Serialized Fiction.

The Legacy has been around for nearly 4 years and offers a great take on a Spy serial. It has the feel of a good night time soap with all the great stuff you expect from the spy genre.

Serial Text is a great little project whose goal is to give you a novel, one piece at time where "each piece is tasty all by itself". An excellent read and as the site says, "something to read and look forward to while on the boss's time".

United Heroes produces several serials, including The Grayhound Chronicles, Christopher Ford Amateur Paranormalist, The Files of Hydrogen Guy, The Secret Journals of Phineas J. Magnetron, Avalon & Company, and Galactic Customs.

Scifi.com's SCI FICTION has some awesome serials. These are great shorts, usually 3-5 parts and go well with lunch!

Want more? Get more at Episodic Review, a great resource following every sort of Episodic Ficiton.

Write something... and get paid!

I've stumbled upon these markets that I wanted to pass along. While some of these don't pay much, they are open ended and you can get paid regularly to write for these markets!

BackWash is a directory of links categorized by "personality". They are looking for editors who are heavy surfers with lots to say. You post regularly and include links and you get paid.

The Blogging Network pays you a share based on how many people read your work. Readers only get teasers of your posts unless they subscribe. By subscribing, half of the subscription fee is devided among the blogs that member reads each month. A great source of on going pay for writing.

Who Died In Here? is an anthology of mystery short stories, 500 - 2,500 words to be published by 12/31/03. The stories must include a crime or death that takes place in a bathroom (private, public, etc.)

Espresso FICTION We are looking for entertaining stories under 3,000 words to email our subscribers. We want stories that challenge, intrigue, provoke, stimulate and resonate. (No Science Fiction or Fantasy)

Whisper Enterprises We are holding two contests. It's your chance to win $1000 cash and prizes. Plus becoming published and seeing your poetry or short story available in all major bookstores all over the globe!

Improve your writing skills

A Way With Worlds, a former column featured at Lit.Org, is a resource for building worlds. Your world can be as much a character as your hero or villian and if it fails to deliver, your story will fall flat. Learn some great tips for building a world people will believe in. Learn about creating languages, races, technlogy and more. This is a great series of articles and will help you improve your world building skills!

Tell your friends!

If you know someone who might like Majestic, feel free to forward them this copy! We've also got a quick, easy form you can use to tell people about Lit.Org and give them a chance to get their own copy every month! Help us out and tell your friends!

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