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Majestic: Volume 2 - Issue #1 12/20/2004

In This Issue:
From the Editor's Desk
Written by Chrispian
Featured Writer
Written by Jessica
From the Front Page
Written by Claire
Reccommended Reading or Books You Should Skip At Your Peril
Written by Bartleby
Featured Site: Poetry Bang
Written by Jessica
WritingForums.com news
Written by Simon
Wrap it up already!
Written by Chrispian

From the Editor's Desk

Wow, can you believe that it has been a year since we last published Majestic? The year has flown by and so much has changed at Lit.Org I don't even know where to begin! We have grown by leaps and bounds requiring us to move to a bigger server twice, and now to our own dedicated server. We had more users sign up in 2004 than every before, more than double than any year previously. We are definitely growing! But enough about the past, let me consult the Lit.Org crystal ball and tell you what I see for our future.

We have several updates to the site planned for 2005 that I'm very excited about. While there is no major design change planned, we will be tweaking things based on what we've learned over the last year with this design. Just small tweaks to make these easier to use as you browse the site. Aside from minor cosmetic changes, here is the big stuff coming down the pipe:
  • Improved Member Profiles - Profiles will get expanded a bit and they'll feel almost like a mini site of your own. You'll be able to control more of your profile and navigation will be greatly improved to let people browse and search your portfolio of writing.
  • Improved Searching - We have upgraded the search several times on the site and it still isn't good enough. We will debut a much more powerful search tool early in 2005.
  • Private Message System - This is one of the most requested features at the site. The Private Message system will allow members to contact each other via the site. You will have the option to allow or disallow private messages.
  • Improved Blogs - Blogs will be getting some much needed improvements. If you've used blogger or movable type then you'll be familiar with some of the features we'll be adding making the blogs much more user friendly and powerful.
  • Improved Rating System - We have been discussing a new rating system for quite a while now and hope to have the new system ironed out in the first quarter of 2005.
  • Revised Date on Posts - We record the date that an item is submitted and when it is published. We will start tracking the last date an item was edited so that your posts will show this when they are displayed. A small tag will appear beside the title letting people know the item has been updated since it has been published.
And that's just a short list for the early part of 2005. That list doesn't include the "under the hood" changes we have planned to improve the speed of the site and other tools to help manage the every growing archive of writing. We will be introducing a new system to help highlight new members as well as the gems of writing buried in the archives. I'm very exited about how far we've come and even more excited about where we are heading. I hope you stick around for the ride, it should be fun!


Featured Writer

Our Featured Writer this newsletter is Nae411. She's been writing and a member at Lit for almost a year and has made herself quite at home. Her comments are sweet and helpful and you can always catch her around Lit. Her writings are full of imagery and a purity we don't find very often. Though sensual poetry is her favorite form of writing Nae is talented enough to write about any subject matter. She lives in Florida with her wonderful husband and four handsome sons.


I confess,
I thought about you last night.
Not just a simple thought,
A deep, unfiltered thought.
Nothing held back.

Thoughts about the way
you arouse desires in me.
Thoughts about how my wanting you
is as important as breathing,
how my mouth becomes dry,
and how small moans escape
without my permission.

Thought about the way
you undress me with your eyes.
About how that doesn't make me
feel uncomfortable.
How it actually makes my body
tingle, and how I awaken as on queue.

Thought about how I will hold that stare.
I will not shift my gaze,
I will not back down.
Warm and sultry visions
come creeping to mind.

Sensations start at my belly
and rush there way down
to places I have kept secret
from you.
I feel my self transform,
slowly thoughts of devouring you
come to be.

Your voice melts away
my attempts at restraint.
I confess,
I'd love for you to talk me
through this experience.

Start slowly with quiet musings,
gradually let it build,
till your words are profound,
and my will to control is gone.
Your voice is sufficient to take
my body and release it into a
quickened, desperate, delight.

I confess,
Your eyes,
your voice,
reach me,
grab me,
pull me in.

Tell me,
what will the feel of your
mouth tightly pressed against mine do?

Tell me,
what will the presence
of your body deeply entwined in mine do?

Don't hold back,
I want your confession...

I've resorted to espionage.
I gather intelligence on what makes you happy,
Turn it into my game plan,
and pursue you with all that I am.

I've embraced piracy,
stealing moments of treasure sized dreams,
making you my prey,
and moving towards you,
like a vessel rides the wind.

I'm shamelessly your stalker,
sneaking peeks of you,
promoting desires which
I will not refrain from,
till you're captured and held as my prisoner.

I've relented to being your lover,
pleasing you with every last stretch of my body,
making you crave me with a ravenous appetite,
leaving you powerless and begging for more.

I am truly shameless...


Join a poetry writing contest. Great cash prizes and reviews for everything you write. Reviews, writing contests and fun!

Next issue's featured writer will be Rogan, don't miss it.

From the Front Page

There is so much wonderful writing submitted to lit.org, that it is difficult to select things to highlight. Many of you will recognize poems which have been widely read and commented upon, but there are many pieces at Lit.org which have not been at the time of publication, for whatever reason, time constraints, lack of name recognition or whatever that deserve highlighing:

For the ease of readers, I will break my suggestions down into categories. That will let you pick and choose as you will. But keep in mind that these are only suggestions...read everything you can, for you will be enriched.


If you haven't read Beckett Grey's "Manderia" now on part 10 (at the time of this submission) then grab your beverage of choice and a comfy blanket to read. It is well worth it. I am not a critic of fiction or science fiction because I am not qualified, but I am enchated by "Manderia".

Other "Don't Miss" Stories, Fiction, Flashetc.

"Sunskimming" by Malthis
"The Cottage" by A. Cain

In the future we will be highlighting "Humor" and even more short stories and fiction, flash, collaborative efforts and children's writing. Be patient, and keep submitting.


Rcallaci's napalm memories is an excellent Haiku with a depth of meaning that transcends the words. It is well worth the read, it is multilayered in its meaning, and an excellent example of haiku at its best.

Princeo's Management, while it does not conform to expected syllabic norms, is still quite profound. Management is given a whole new meaning in his short neo-haiku (A Teflon definition...lol) where management in life takes on a whole new meaning.

You need to check out all of Teflon's Haiku and neo-haiku which have been penned about artists and assorted other things....they are well worth your time. He is very talented and his garret has magical properties.

Williamhill's Instrument is a beautiful piece about relationships which is well written, paints a lovely picture, and is a complete offering.

Other "Don't Miss" Haiku

"Want Ad" by chapter1
"Wishbones and Eggshells" by drsoos
"Mother" by snuffystuff (a collection)


Seanspacey's Carped Diem is a little gem which hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. It is well done, thoughtful, and out of the ordinary which is always good.

Nae411's Dare has been recently submitted, and her work is always widely read and commented on, but it is worth taking a second look for those who have already read, and definitely worth a read for those who missed.

Bartleby's Spellbound is a very newly submitted piece and by the time Majestic comes out will likely be widely commented on, but nonetheless worthy of a read which reaches out to readers who can identify with his words. He is a supreme poet, and draws on his family and his wife to write some amazing poetry.

Other "Don't Miss" Poetry

"Cleaning Routine" by Ogg
"Alma Mater" by Enforced Bliss
"Blatant" by Idomis
"His Eyes" by supergranny


Samvak, a long time member, submits many articles and essays in the area of psychology. His recent trilogy about dealing with an "ex" is extremely well done, and clearly worth the read! He also wrote a piece entitled Terrorism as a Psychodynamic Phenomenon which you may or may no agree with, but it is, as all his articles are, well written and I found it quite interesting.

The Alienist did himself proud in Quick Comparisons in Music Genres. He is very definite about the kind of music he likes, and writes about it well. Keep in mind that he is a Black Sabbath fan and that is the line on which his taste is established.


The madgerman's "Charms of Power" has real possibilities. It is not posted in the standard lyric posture because it has no chorus or refrain, but the verses are solid, sound and profound. I don't know if it has commercial appeal, but it definitely has mine.


If Williamhill has not already been posted at this publishing, he will be shortly. Teflon will soon follow. There are so many members I want to interview that it is impossible to get them all up in a timely fashion, but never fear, I WILL get you all.


Jessica has had a poem accepted for publication in the January Issue of Clean Sheets.

Clairesbest has had a poem published in a newsletter which is a precursor for a book "The Derriere", and you can also look for her at "Lost in the Dark" for the winter edition in January.

Scryer has had a book of poems published called "Angel Tears", information can be found at: Authors Web Page: www.sacredscry.net

DabbyDoo has had a story published on Lulu.com which we all need to check out: http://www.lulu.com/dabby

williemeikle has a book which came out December 6, 2004, check out his website at http://www.willie.meikle.btinternet.co.uk for details!

There is much I undoubtedlyy missed, and much I wish I could have included, but next time when the format is established and I know how much of a space hog to be....Majestic is and will be cutting edge!


Recommended Reading or Books You Should Skip At Your Peril

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold: This critically acclaimed bestseller was one of those impulse audiobook purchases I sometimes make when I have to spend an extraordinary amount of time in the car. It was cheap and I recalled reading a small blurb about it on the internet somewhere. Well it was definately worth the ten spot I laid on the counter.

This hauntingly poignant story is narrarated by the spirit of recently deceased Susie Salmon, a middle schooler who was brutally raped and murdered not far from her middle class neighborhood. The opening sequence of the book is chilling and gut wrenching, but the very realisitic way that Sebold explores the effects that a single life ended needlessly can have on the friends and family of the deceased makes that initial discomfort worth enduring.

This was a very moving book, full of realism and truth, with just enough whimsy to counterbalance the more shocking sections. Pick it up, I can guarantee you won't regret it.

The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenger: I picked this one up because I thought it would be something both my wife and I could enjoy. It's a rare thing for us to like the same books. I am a dyed in the wool fantasy and horror fan while she prefers crime novels and romance thrillers.

My hunch paid off, we both loved the book. Niffenger tells a most unusual story of romance between Henry and Claire. Henry suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes him to slip forward and backward in time with no clothes or possesions, leaving him stranded for an unpredictable amount of time meets Claire for the first time at the tender age of eight and their romance blossoms over a span of years as Henry's jaunts bring him back into Claire's life time and time again.

Niffenger's unique plot device is good for a hook, but the genuine nature of the dialogue and the strong characterization of both Henry and Claire are what keep you reading despite frequent shufflings of both place and time. This is one barn burner of a freshman effort and I look forward to seeing what Niffenger comes up with for her sophmore offering.

All you sci-fi addicts out there, share this one with your wife. You'll likely be suprised by hom much she likes it.

So as not to disappoint any one's inner geek, lest of all my own, I will relent and reccomend a genre piece. Something in an undiscovered epic fantasy. So without further preamble, I give you The Briar King by Greg Keyes.

Keyes is best known for his alternate and fantastic history novels of the Age of Unreason series, but the Briar King, the first of his series entitled The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone is better than those other books by half.

The Briar King has rich characterization scattered throughout its multiple points of view. The subtle manipulations of common mythology is refreshing and the pacing is quick without sacrificing detail. Keyes' interests in history and anthropology are evident but not overpowering and all in all this one ranks among the top 10 fantasy novels on my overcrowded shelves.

If you like Robert Jordan, or better yet George R.R. Martin, give Keyes a try. You'll be glad you did.


Featured Site: Poetry Bang

I wasn't really looking for another website to join. I'm a member of a few sites and between them all they keep me busy and more than happy. But I was looking for a certain genre to be able to post in and get feedback. Now thanks to Nae11 I've found that place and it has been wonderful. I know some of our Lit members have already stumbled over this little gem in cyberspace but I wanted to make sure and spread the word about this great site and all it has to offer.

www.PoetryBang.com is a fairly new writing site. It's set up somewhat like our own writing forums and has a great atmosphere for writing and sharing feedback. I recently got the opportunity to talk to the creator of the Bang. Here's some of what we talked about:

Q: How did PoetryBang get its start?

GruckenFroovin: I started PoetryBang in late October 2003 in order to accommodate a small group of aspiring writers I had met on another poetry forum which was suffering major technical failures. It began with very little forethought and the Bang was born over a 24-hour period.

Q: What are some of the changes you've seen at the Bang since it's start?

GruckenFroovin: Over the year which has passed, the Bang developed into a community-based enterprise which some might describe as a "social experiment", and now for many it has evolved into a quite homey corner of cyberspace. In a recent post on the forums, the Bang was described as "a support group for poetry addicts". I must admit, I like the label. (Thanks EviaStarroy)

Q: What do you attribute the success of your site to?

GruckenFroovin: I've been the person to do the technological development of the site but its real success, in my opinion, is due to the community of people we have at the Bang. I've done my best to let members shape the direction of the site, especially in terms of its mission, policies, and guidelines. Members have also made suggestions with regard to features and functionality, which I then do my best to implement as closely as possible.

Q: What are you expecting to see at the Bang in the future, what are your goals with your website?

GruckenFroovin: I'll be working to get back on track renewing work on a community-based publishing project which I hope to roll out in the next couple of months. One of my goals (one which is echoed by the majority of the community) is for the Bang to offer something for everyone, no matter what the experience level of the writer. So, I believe there are exciting things to look out for in the imminent future.

I urge everyone to check out this website, the members are great, the atmosphere is comfortable and encouraging and they even have a place for erotic pieces. I've loved being a member there and hope you'll venture out to this wonderful website. See ya at the Bang.


WritingForums.com news

Since this is the first edition of Majestic in a while, I'll use this column this time to introduce you to the forum, as well as just telling you the news.

WritingForums.com is one of Lit.org's sister sites - you've probably seen it mentioned occasionally on Lit, and there's a link to it in the side-panel. If you haven't been there, or even if you just haven't visited for a while, you're missing out - there's plenty going on.

The forum has many active members, including a quite few names you'll recognise from Lit (myself included), and there is a wide range of topics for discussion, in addition to poetry and stories.

I've picked out some of the most interesting topics of the moment to whet your appetite: There's plenty of other topics as well of course, both writing-related and more general, and of course plenty of stories, poetry and critiques, so take a few moments to browse through the archives - there are some real gems in there.

A fairly new addition to the forum is The Gallery, which is where members can post their photographs. It works in a very similar way to Claire's Lit.org Album. There's quite a few pictures there already, including some folk you'll recognise from Lit.

The newest feature on the forum is the creation of a dedicated area for discussions continued from comments on Lit.org. So if the staff on Lit need to close a topic, now there's somewhere that you can continue the debate. It's only just opened, so there aren't many topics in this area yet, but you can see a full list of them all here.

I hope this has persuaded you to visit us at the forum. The members here are a friendly bunch, and if you introduce yourself, you'll get an enthusiastic welcome. So come on in and try it out. Hope to see you there.


Wrap it up already!

I'm really glad to see Majestic is back as a regular feature of Lit.Org. I would like to thank Jessica for pushing us to get this going again and taking the lead to get it done. The staff did a great job on getting their parts in. They did a wonderufl job. We'll be back again next month with another issue of Majestic. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday and happy writing!


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