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Majestic: Issue #19 Tuesday, June 6, 2003

Hello Majestics,

Yes, I know, I'm running late! But I really do have a great reason... I was on vacation! My wife (Aeryn) and I packed up and headed to New Orleans for two days, then to Gulf Port MS. for two days for a family reunion. We had a good time and walked our tails off! (Here are some pics from the trip!) But I'm back and ready to get back to work, so without any further adue...

Bartleby has been asking me to tweak the random feature to give it a little more control. I finally got around to taking care of that and now you can select a new random item by clicking a single button at the top of the page or you can limit to a specific category with one little drop down menu. When your done, just hit the close button and your back to normal reading on the site. I really like how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it. Go do some Random Reading and let me know what you think.

I've also improved the new dictionary feature (www.lit.org/dictionary) so that you can now highlight ANY word on the site and press the "D" key on your keyboard and it will pop up a window with the definition right there for you to use. Some of you are fond of some very big and obscure words and I've used this thing more than a few times of late.

If you haven't been spending time in the forums lately, you're missing out! We've had quite a few new members join in the discussions and plenty of threads started. Things are really getting off to a great start so head over and jump right in!

I've created a beta page for some concepts I'm working on for an ALTERNATIVE front page layout. I am going to create several new front page layouts that you will be able to choose from in your control panel. This one is designed to make it easy to browse items in the last week, organized by day. It makes the new posts look far less menacing! Give it a try and i would love to hear your feedback. http://www.lit.org/index-beta.php

Bartleby, Jessicanm and I are also working on plans for the two anthologies we are going to publish. We've been hashing out details and getting pricing and things are looking very, very good! We'll post details on how to get your writing published in our anthologies soon.

We are in the process of building a sister site to Lit.Org that will focus on the craft side of writing. While Lit.Org will remain focused on posting and reviewing works by members, the new site will feature weekly columns with tips, resources, idea, interviews and more. We are looking for people with columns they would like to syndicate to our new site or new columns. They must be related to writing. For details, contact editor@lit.org.

Look for a new and improved issue of Majestic at the beginning of next month!


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