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Majestic: Issue #17 Sunday, March 23, 2003

In this Issue:
Letter from the Editor

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Letter from the Editor
By Chrispian H. Burks

Wow! So much has happened since the last issue of Majestic. Aside from the real world trying it's best to interrupt well laid plans, things are going pretty well. Things are getting back on track now and we've got some goodies to prove it. There have been quite a few new members sign up and I'd like to say welcome to you all!

The server move went off with only slight bugs here and there. Thanks to everyone who helped catch and squash them all. Things are back to normal. This issue of Majestic is the first one sent out by our new mailing system, which is saving us $25 bucks a month, and the new server is also $25 cheaper per month!

First off, we finally launched our new forums at www.writingforums.com. We wanted to offer a place for authors from all over the web to come and talk and not just the members of Lit.Org site. We are building more writing and reading related sites and a central place for everyone to get together just made sense.

We also moved our portal project to it's new home at www.litscene.com. Again, we felt this resource would benefit from being on it's own allowing it to gain exposure. There are already over 2500 resources listed and growing. If your looking for a writing related resource you should stop by and check it out. If you run a site that writers might find useful you should go add your link!

If you have a PDA or other mobile device and would like to subscribe to Lit.Org on the go, just point your device to http://www.lit.org/go and you can get the latest stories, poems, features and news while your out and about. We will soon be offering even more ways to get your reading fix!

We have plenty more new features in the works. Among them are New XML and Javascript feeds for those who want to include content from Lit.Org on your own web site, AIM profile, or news reader. We are working on new Premium accounts which will give you much more control over how things work at Lit.Org like no ads, you@lit.org email forwarders, customized alerts, private messages, auto validation and much more. Look for these changes in the coming weeks ahead.

As we continue to add new features and look to the future of our little site, one of our main areas of interest will be in growing our content offerings. To that end, I've got several original publications that will be announced soon. We are also adding the "Lit.Org Weekly Reader" which will feature the best writings we can find around the web. We will be launching Book Watch, which will offer news, reviews and information on great books to read. And this is just the short list of what we have planned. I'm very excited and I hope everyone loves this stuff as much as we do!


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  • Resources @ LitScene.com
    • All Info About Poetry
      An online community for poets, poetry lovers & students to learn, share their lives and discover works in a wide variety of styles.

    • 24th september 1979
      Wonderfully atmospheric & very detailed illustration work by Robert Sluzaly. Don't miss the Black & White exhibition while you're visiting his site - it hides a whole other subselection of sepia & bw treats.

    • The site of novelist Andrea Semple
      The site of novelist Andrea Semple is aimed at writers (as well as her own readers) and includes advice on how to secure a novel deal, interviews with bestselling authors, a tongue-in-cheek guide to understanding literary agents, a writing tips newsletter plus much more.

    • Chronicles of Empire
      Homepage for soon to be published epic sf/f series

    • Wayne June Voice Talent: Voiceover, Narration
      Voice Artist Providing Services for Audiobook Narration and All Media Requiring Specialized Voice Talent. Demos Online.

    • The Electric Eclectic
      Collection of links for writers and lovers of words and language

    • Book Editing Associates
      Specialists in fiction and nonfiction, mainstream and genre. From copyediting to rewrites.

    • QueryLetters.com - Editing, Writing, Critiques
      Services include critiques, evaluations,† composition of query letters and synopses, book proposal preparation, content/structural editing, ghostwriting, mentoring, and publishing guidance.

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