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Thursday 16th February, 2006
why is it...?
hey everybody...just a question here...why is it that since I started coming here again only 1 person has commented on any of my stuff? is it really that bad? I come here for the same reason everybody else does...I would really appreciate some feed back. It seems to get enough views, just no comments. It just leaves me wondering about my work that's all.

Really I would love to hear what you might think of any of it, is it terrible?
did you like it? what could have been better or taken out? anyways feel free to comment. if anyone is wondering why I might not say much in comments it's usually because whatever my opinion might be, usually someone else has allready said it. some times I don't know what to say. there are quite a lot of good writers here now in my opinion and it's good to have a place like this to come to.

Anyways thats it. have fun.
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