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Wednesday 06th July, 2005
Chris Lamb

Phil Kaye
Gala Leisure Ltd
New Castle House
Castle Boulevard

Dear Phil,
I am writing to regretfully inform you that I know longer want to continue my employment with you.

Although I have no complaints about my time at castle itself, or any of the management team there, I do feel extremely let down by the company as a whole. When I won caller of the year last year, I was promised that I would get my specialist caller, that I could call the dream ticket, and that I could call special events. Non of this happened as you know and it’s been very hard for me this year hearing the other candidates advancing in this way while I was “forgotten”. I wasn’t even asked to call the regional party max that we did.

I also feel that I cannot work for a company where a general manager from another club is allowed to physically threaten a member of my team (Sharon) and get away with it. (The words used were “if she doesn’t get here now, I’ll drag her across the club myself”) I find this totally unacceptable, and was going to make a complaint, but we both know that would have got me nowhere.

I only hope that lessons are learned from this, and that matt from Scunthorpe Wasn’t promised things that you have no intentions of fulfilling

Yours Regretfully,

Chris Lamb.
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