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Wednesday 15th September, 2004
Write fast, and mercilessly, write against death
like Olav H.Hauge said, the dream dreams itself, the thought thinks itself, the poem creates itself. Write because you have to, not because you want to, and try to listen to and recite your inner voice, instead of attempting to build beauty with words, and write fast, spontaneously, not bothering with what the outside world may think, write for the inexplicable post-climax-like feeling you get when you know you've used you skills to describe what's really going on inside your head, cause like love (Agnar Mykle, "greatest writer of the world", creating is a solitude sentiment, a transaction betwwen you and your inner god, you enduring the pain actually involved in it (yes, it's painful, and should be, too), it, or him or her, sanctifying you. And, as a final tip at the end, learn to play an instrument, several if you like, it'll boost your creativity and evem change the way you look upon putting words together. And most of all, seek the greater thrills in life. It doesn't have to be climbing mountains, but it very well could be, inside & out. Be well, everybody
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Friday 27th August, 2004
Heavily subversive rumours indicate that there is a burning fox loose in the community. It's been told to have come jumping out of bushes and alleyways after dark, so watch it. Appearantly this fox has been frollicking freely around in the woods, rolling in pits of oil. Now it's running around soaked in highly flammable liquid, attacking sole hunters and gatherers, preferrably those smoking cigarettes. Be alarmed!
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