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Saturday 25th September, 2004
Satisfaction Guarantee
I just recently found this website. Does anyone here have a book I can read? Iím hoping someone here can give me a suggestion. I like my stories to be well developed and without the rushing of its plot. Any genre will be good especially mystery. There just so many poems one can read. Iím not a writer, just a reader. I guess that makes me their best friend and their most honest critic.

So far I have enjoyed Clairesbest. You maybe a Texan but you sure hells write like a New Yorker.

MacLaren. Trippy, without the drugs. I guess thatís good. Thanks I needed the Flashback. Sure we havenít met?

Hazelfaern. Real Name: Jennifer Deanne Walker-Davis Ėďyou need a bio,Ē I canít help it itís a Fetish of mine. Great Writing.

But I hunger for more Bible. Bible boy izlmaller thanks for taking my advice and posting your Bio. Thanks for making me cry, hate, love, learn, on every page so far that I have read. Most importantly thanks for sparking the desire to read again. The literary world is non existence these days. I will finish your book when I heal from the death of my favorite character, even though it was a nice touch, completely unexpected.

This is a great community. I tired of Chartrooms that posed as Literary chartrooms when in reality they were an orgy room with village idiots,. This is really a great website. My library has nothing on this website and thatís sad. No Starbucks please.
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