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Monday 22nd November, 2004
What to do?
If you canít see through the words into the writer that wrote them than I feel sorry for you
And if any one is still wondering English is my first language but the English
Form of complex thought has had more changes and comes from more sources
Than any other languages now to understand you have to know me
I spent most of my childhood trying to learn the befuddles of the English langue
Its not fun being in high school and not knowing how to spell simple words
Like Ďlunchí for real and I actually hade to be retote phonics and to this day I still
Have a problem with it even tho Iím only a few classes away from my PHD.
In zoology funny for a guy born with autism or so they thought at the the age of three
I just seem to snap out of it and to those who care they still donít have a name for what I have itís weird that I can be so good at science and math and not in English
And I can read just perfect but can I spell any of those words no and there seems to be no
One that can help me trusts me Iíve tried and if 45,000 dollars in privet classes and tutors cannot help than who can .

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