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Wednesday 18th February, 2009
Sleep is when I close my eyes
And think of other things.
Sleep makes me feel that
It is the middle of winter,
Sleep makes me feel like
It is really spring.

As I lie down in bed,
I empty my head,
Of all the troubles that
I have seen.
As I drift away,
In my warm bed,
And fall into a dream.

Sleeping makes me feel
So warm and secure,
I just don't care ,
If, I may snore!
I'll feel so warm
Until my new day is born,
And my future awaits.

Sleep makes me feel so good
Just like I know it would.
Ah, I am feeling so refreshed!
When I am wide awake
I feel that this world
Will be mine.

Whoever said that
Sleeping was just a waste of time?

He must have been out of his mind!
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