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Thursday 15th May, 2008
First Time's are always the hardest
A friend told me that the best way to make myself known is to have a blog. I will not name him cause this is suppose to be about me.

Well i suppose introductions are in order:

I am Johntellall, a Pen-name to be sure, but i put more then a year's worth of thought into it and i like it which as i see it, is the most important part. Though everyone can call me John for short.

What is it that I do, well as most people can guess i am a Writer. But i'm more then a writer, i am an Anime geek, an Amateur Comedian, and a hardcore gamer. Quite a list wouldn't you agree?
I own every console you can imagine and i have 25 (yes that is my real age) years of gaming experience under my belt.
Just what am going to do with with this blog anyway. Well i will (hopefully) write on this with what is new with me on a fairly regular basis. New Projects, new games, new shows, or just my thoughts on life, mostly my own life. Hope everyone will stick around and listen to my mind.
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Friday 08th July, 2005
2:a.m. magic
What is the fascination with two in the morning? When itís past midnight but itís not quite morning, people have make revelations and learned new things at this magic time of the day. Is it human nature to do things at this early hour or is there something else going on that defies reason? I, myself am writing this at 2:20 a.m. and a revelation hit me at 2:08 am, upon this revelation I did some research and itís not just me but tons of others are feeling the 2 am magic, getting inspired, making choices that effect the very course of their life to simply deciding what to have for breakfast? this is not the first time that 2 a.m. has done something good for me, i have felt the 2 a.m. magic, have you?
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