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Friday 17th June, 2016
Time To Ban The GOP
I had to laugh at the frustration of a Democratic politician on CNN who complained that she couldn't have a rational conversation with Conservative members. She doesn't seem to realise that the GOP is not a legitimate political entity. How can it be? It's a Faith-based organisation with a more
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Thursday 07th January, 2016
The Sky Really Is Falling
Well, it has begun- the much-touted crash of 2016 is now under way, and China is ground-zero.

If you're wondering whether or not this is true, or how anyone can know such a thing with accuracy, here is a little recap for you:

Those of you who don't know about economics more
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Tuesday 05th January, 2016
The Predicted 2016 Economic Collapse
This is something that is important for everyone to know: bazillions of economists are predicting that the sky will fall, either this year or . . . er . . . soon.

Now, being economists, it stands to reason that they're full of shit, not to put too fine a point on it. At the top of more
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Sunday 03rd January, 2016
The Three Pillars Of Conservatism
The three pillars of modern Conservatism are: Entitlement, Religion, and Bigotry.

There is historical precedent for this, but it's not widely known amongst people who vote Conservative. In fact, most people who vote Conservative are uneducated, lower-Middle-class, religious, and more
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Saturday 02nd January, 2016
Gun-Control and NRA Lies
The NRA is at it again, claiming that they speak for the American people, that they represent the American people, that they speak for the interests of American citizens.

Obama has decided to take executive action, in accordance with the will of the American people to stand up to the NRA, in order to do something about gun control, and the NRA has pulled out the tired old saw, "Obama is going against the will of the American people", which is a bald-faced lie.

It's one thing for the NRA to spew a constant stream of disinformation and lies, but it's entirely another that so few in American politics have the guts to stand up to them and call them out.

It's long past time to ban the NRA in its present form, or at the least, label them a terrorist organisation and throw their top members in prison for the damage they've done. Around 32,000 people die by gun violence in the US each year, and the NRA's answer to gun violence is always "we need more guns".

There comes a time when spreading such lies and disinformation becomes a form of hate, the victim being the US public. Enough is enough.
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Sunday 30th August, 2015
Why Am I Never Me In My Dreams?
When I dream, I am never me. Those rare times that I am me, the "me" in question is different from the true me.

I often dream that I'm wandering around a gigantic shopping mall. Sometimes I work at a store or a restaurant in the mall, but most of the time I'm trying to find the more
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Monday 25th March, 2013
Blog of my dreams -2
I'm still dreaming about the mall. It's located in a place I used to live, about a dozen blocks from where I grew up. Except that in real life, that ain't where I used to live, that wasn't the house I grew up in, and only certain elements of the place resemble places (plural) that I've lived. more
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Tuesday 20th September, 2011
How the monied interests ruin livability.
The West End of Vancouver is one of the saddest examples of the ruining of the quality of life by monied interests. Beautiful old houses were razed to the ground in order to put up high-rise apartments. In the words of Vancouver City Council in 1986, this was done, quote, "in order to increase the more
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Monday 19th September, 2011
A solution to homelessness.

There is and always has been a simple solution to providing shelter for the homeless, at least for those who will not automatically return to a life on the streets. That solution is Universal Foster Care, of a type modified to accommodate adults, especially those with mental health issues and various types of addictions.

Would this be a drain on the economy? Not at all. The number of homeless is less than 1% of the population. Paying people to see to their needs would actually be an investment, because it would halt much of the problem in its tracks and serve to remedy and monitor self-destructive behaviour, thereby solving collateral problems like petty crime and medical issues.
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Sunday 18th September, 2011
Time to clip the wings of the powers that be.

The monied interests have been trying to have things their own way since the decline of monarchies and the rise of monied interests. Monied interests are what pushed monarchies aside, most notably during the Industrial Revolution and more
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Tuesday 07th December, 2010
My dreams 2
One of my common recurring dreams is that of being on a bus. A few times I've actually been driving the bus, but mostly I'm a passenger.

The setting is usually North Vancouver at the corner of 3rd St and Lonsdale. Sometimes I'm at the corner, waiting for a bus that seems never to come, while a parade of other buses trundle by.

Sometimes I leave in frustration and begin walking East on 3rd Street. The destination is always the same- 15th Street and a street variously known as Grand Boulevard, Grande Boulevard, and The Grand or Grande Boulevard. When the bus gets there, I step off and wake up.

Sometimes I'm on the bus at the foot of Lonsdale, rubbernecking at the destruction of all the old heritage buildings going on up and down the Avenue and complaining about what's been done. Not that this is happening in real life, mind you.
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Sunday 05th December, 2010
Blog of my dreams
I have a recurring dream in which I'm in a giant mall, trying to find my way out. I've dreamt about the place so often and in such detail that much of it is known to me.

It's not about the stores in the mall. I occasionally go into one, usually a restaurant or a bar. I've worked at several places in the mall, and sometime I dream about working there. Sometimes a whole entire dream will consist of working at a particular job.

Yes, it's as incredibly boring as it sounds. I've dreamt about loading trucks, unloading trucks, welding, driving machinery, flipping burgers, serving food, stacking boxes, dealing with customers, and so on.

The moment I find my way out of the mall is when I wake up.

Sometimes there is some sort of security protocol for getting out of the mall, which I'm able to skip by flying away.

In the dream there are people I recognise, but few of the people I meet in the dream are real. Most of the people I do recognise are dead, or else are young versions of people who are now much older.

In checking on-line I've found that dreaming about being in an endless mall is common. My mall isn't endless, but finding my way out is always frustrating. Also common are dreams of malls having many levels. Mine only have two open levels at the most.

The mall continues out of doors, and is covered by a giant glass dome. Through one exit is a university. A fair distance away, on the edge of the mall, there are apartment-condos, and in the dream I live in one of these.

As much as I hate the mall, what's outside is much worse.
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