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Sunday 23rd May, 2010
UFO Blog: report number one

First Report:

Greetings mortal earthlings,

I am Zeno and I am hear to report to you for the rest of this year the strange activities of a group of humans claiming to represent four generations of beings from this strange planet called earth....

I will discuss the macro and the micro, the inner and the outer.

To catch a glimpse of my video reports kindly go to....

That is all for now.

Live well and prosper.

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Sunday 08th February, 2009
Black and White Stress
If you look at Buddhism from a systems view. You realize the mind can handle ONLY so many inputs from the environment. After a while it shuts down to stop the flood of noise.

The range of response to cultural variety is to clamp-down or space-out and the clamp-down tendency in some human minds can range from authoritarian to homicidal.

Nazis, Communists, religious fundis, and monopoly capitalists are good examples of this clamp-down psychology in action. Simplify the environment and preserve your identity.

I call this Black Stress.

The opposite response. To space out is seen in less people and can be seen in artists and visionaries, but it can sometimes be dangerous too. Here the range can be from anarchistic to suicidal. Identity is lost as too much variety is embraced too quickly.

I call this White Stress.

The Buddha recommended that you transcend the entire range of response by sticking to a middle path and reaching a point of NO STRESS through meditation.

Both black and white stress ultimately flip into one another. Nazis space-out in their clamp down process and drug addicts clamp down in their space-out process.

Levels of B & W stress get subtler as you go to subtler layers of mind if you do serious meditation.

Dying is the ultimate space-out and finding a new body is the ultimate clapmdown.

This cycle can be endless.

In major cultural cross-roads of the planet like the Middle east, Central Europe, and Southeast Asia. In these big psychic vortexes, black and white stress is always rampant and endless wars and creativity go on hand in hand here at warp speed.

Uh, Stress Flip, anyone?

No one said life was easy.

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Wednesday 06th August, 2008
Disney, the Steve Jobs of Animation....
I like Disney. This guy kept disrupting himself and the high tech of the time and pushing the envelope while driving people crazy.

First Black and White animation, then sound, then color, then realism, then TV, then theme parks....and he found the right people always or they found him and the body count was huge...he lost a lot of people.

But he was always able to get the money somehow with his brother's help...all in the middle of an economic depression...

Very impressive.

Finally with Pixar these two geniuses fused....

Wild karma....
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