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Wednesday 17th February, 2010
The Education of Mark Levin

"Step into my parlor," said the spider. "Just look at the lovely table I've set out for you. Don't be afraid. I'm not going to harm a single hair on that beautiful body of yours."

"Wel-l-l ... I don't know," the fly mumbled with an embarrassed grin, hesitating more
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Thursday 28th January, 2010
A Quick Course on Immigration
They will not give up on the idea of "immigration reform" (so-called) while refusing to accede to the fact that if the pieces in this (or any other) design project don't fit together, the final product will fail.

While American jobs are being shipped to the farthest corners of the more
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Sunday 03rd January, 2010
Ignorance No Virtue--Patience No Vice
Advocacy journalism, formerly known as slanted journalism, is becoming a big problem in the U.S.--turning one of our most revered public institutions, the Free Press, into the private Romper Room of a few media ego-maniacs who think they're smart enough to game the system and get away with it; more
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Tuesday 22nd December, 2009
Somewhere, There's a Pony
Hello Mr.Evan Osnos, Asia correspondent extraordinaire and contributor to The New Yorker. I am writing to tell you that you have crossed a certain line.

Perhaps you're not terribly familiar with George Orwell's Animal Farm. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's all about the rise of the more
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Saturday 08th November, 2008
Here's Looking at You, Kid
It's so laughably simple. The talk is all about where the Republicam party goes from here. The answer--one can rarely go wrong with Paris.

The middle class is shrinking. Where do Republicans think the next generation of GOP voters will come from as everyday people continue to see opportunity--to say nothing of the American dream--steadily slipping away? How prophetic that the Party of Lincoln should should have as a quote from its mentor, "You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

So it's so long, Republicans. The party's over. Take the GOP handle with you. . .that is, if you wouldn't mind. Unfortunately, the (G) doesn't stand for "grand." The (O) doesn't stand for "old" either, at least not as far as you're concerned. As for the (P)arties--and this is something that no one but a close family member would tell you--we grew tired of your always serving Ripple, even when you certainly could have afforded champagne.

And now. . .the plane is waiting. Please watch your step.

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Friday 31st October, 2008
--Quiz Show Host-- Thank you--thank you one and all--we're back with our "Turnabout" edition of "Do They Get It," which means that we'll be raising questions about the opposition party this time--maybe yours and then again maybe not. We don't play favorites on this program--much. And with us again more
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Tuesday 21st October, 2008
Do They Get It?
--Quiz Show Host-- Okay, Julie, two questions left in the final round, and I can only read the question once. Here it is--good luck. John McCain thinks the "newly rich" Joe McPlumber should be able to keep all his money. This week's Question of the Hour is: Does John McCain get it? more
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Thursday 16th October, 2008
cyn-i-cal (sini kl) adj. [[< L cynicus , of the Cynics]]
Aha. In debate format the governor becomes Miss Congeniality all of a sudden. And not unlike Sandra Bullock’s character in the movie of the same name, Sarah Palin does in fact clean up pretty well. I kept waiting for the words, "world peace" to spring from her lips. Unfortunately they never did. more
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Thursday 02nd October, 2008
Would You Mind Repeating That?
--Interviewer-- In all candor, Governor Palin. . .do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?

--Candidate-- Not all of them, Charlie. I mean, there are so many. After all, wasn't it just last week at the convention where I said that while standing on American soil we can actually see more
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Tuesday 02nd September, 2008
John. . .Where'd You Park the Delorian?

Overheard: Two Brits talking with each other.

#1--Did you know that John McCain was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution?
#2--The devil you say!
Next you'll be telling me he became a POW during the battles at Lexington and Concord!

Overheard: more
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Saturday 02nd August, 2008
Issue Two--Skidding on Oil
TO: The Producers of "All Things Considered," (Air Date 07-18-2008)
Being obviously familiar with a report indicating that Americans are curbing their gas consumption by an almost immeasurable 0.6%, Mr. Flynn of Alarcon Trading announces to the host of NPR's All Things more
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Thursday 31st July, 2008
Issue One--Oiling the Skids
TO: John McLaughlin, Moderator, "The McLaughlin Group" currently in production on PBS.

Dear Sir,

I am a long-time viewer--long time--but you had on a recent program (circa the 2008 Independence Day weekend) a panel discussion like I've never before heard on your more
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Thursday 03rd July, 2008
Public Safety III--Crimson Hands
"Crimson Hands"

Our eyes go wide with disbelief
As we watch a D.C. mom stare back
With moist eyes and trembling lips
Her face
From beaded brow to slackened jowl
Is puffy with tears and twisted in grief
As she speaks through sobs
'Why more
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Friday 20th June, 2008
On Torture + Other Forms of Raw Entertainment
"On Torture + Other Forms of Raw Entertainment"
By Fritzwilliam

Why will a dog sometimes lick itself?
Because it can.

Why do cops often beat up on the homeless?
Because there's no one to tell them they can't. more
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Thursday 17th April, 2008
Public Safety II
Don't confuse me with facts; my mind is already made up. [Unknown]

It seems impossible to post a blog entry these days without something happening that plays directly into the dialog. In the first of this series I included a reference to NRA celebrity spokesperson, Charlton Heston. more
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Wednesday 02nd April, 2008
Public Safety a Joke
Don't teach children to look both ways before crossing the street or that they need to be extremely cautious around vehicular traffic because of distracted drivers, drunk drivers, sleepy drivers and just plain bad drivers.


Keep emphasizing the fact that more
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Sunday 02nd March, 2008
Instance of Gratification II

"Questionable conduct" is just that--questionable. . .which also begs the question(1).

In this election year everyone is missing the point behind #6 (out of the 6) biggest political scandals in U.S. history, beginning, in one more
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Thursday 28th February, 2008
Instance of Gratification

--Why settle for slow when fast is so much better?
I dunno. Ask the hare.

--Why just hang around when getting there is so much nicer?
I dunno. Depends on where you're going.

--Why tell the truth when lies are more
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