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Friday 22nd February, 2008
random thoughts
My brain is working over-time these days. Did you see that 'they' found apes making love face-to-face! Apes are making spears, cooking it up on the barbie, and then relaxing in a natural spa- They even seem to be inviting their friends over for a good time -These are animals in a natural environment!

I find this stuff fascinating-

They shot down the spy satelite. I heard about the money involved in this thing, and it's beyond a billion, -maybe 30 billion. Something about how much it took to build, to launch, and to shoot down. It never did what it was supposed to do, but I heard several reasons for tearing it out of the sky, including some type of deadly gas, and also the fact that it was a SPY satelite. Of course the best reason was to protect the populas(;>).

I heard Saturday Night Live is having a dilema- the writers strike laid low so much furtile ground for satiric comedy, and now that it's over, it's time to jump on the wagon, but apparently there is no one prepared to portray Barack Obama. I'm thinking, they don't have a lot of black guys in the cast, but they have plenty of white guys- what's the problem?

Barack kind of scares me. From what I've heard, he can tell you to throw down your fishing nets, leave your homes behind, and follow him. And you will...

I'm just saying-

There's a lot more to American politics than Thomas Jefferson or James Madison envisioned. Their wigs would curl and turn white... lol...

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Sunday 17th February, 2008
The Driveway Incident
I find myself in an interesting, although obnoxiously annoying, predicament. I have experienced more frustration when dealing with the American court system than any other episode of my life. This is yet another prime example of justice at work.

A few months ago as I was leaving to more
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Tuesday 05th February, 2008
American Politics
American politics are interesting this time around. The cynic in me is working over-time.
I donít yet know for whom I will vote, but I have a pretty good idea for whom I wonít.
I see this as the way the old men get us hood-winked time and again to do what they direct us to do through more
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Wednesday 22nd November, 2006
thoughts for tears
What does one do when they've backed themselves into such a corner that they can no longer do what they are supposed to do?
How does one escape from the tight spot, the black hole that is encompassing them, but worse, all those who orbit around?
I never asked to be the center, yet here I am. And I'm being swallowed, and trying so hard to either make it work, or pretend it does.

Actually, I wouldn't mind being swallowed up so much because honest to God I'm tired of treading water, but I have people who would suffer, so that's not an option-

It's just that I find when you reach that corner, all you can do is bang futiley on the walls and beg to know WHY

and in the morning get up and make french toast...
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Friday 29th September, 2006
I am watching my parents fail. Watching them turn frail and disappear. It tears at my heart to see these two who have been my source become a whisp of life.
I visited my father in hospital today. We thought he'd had a heart attack, but no, it was heart failure. Sad. At least attack has power behind it, failure, has just age.
I'm not ready to give them up. They may be octogenarians, but have always been so vital. They are so weak and frail now, it breaks my heart.
I want to go back to times of Greece and Rome, watch them go on a barge to a better place, in flames if need be, to satisfy the thirst of younger minds, just not watch them fade away in pain and degradation...

How do I stop it? How do I bring back the dignity they deserve when their flesh is failing them?
Ahhh- please tell me- how can I make them whole again to face this last part of their lives?

My tears, I must keep to myself, but they flow. I can't allow these tears to be seen, for they would make my parents sad, not for them, but for me... How can I be strong for them when I know I am watching the end, and I will miss them so....
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Sunday 03rd September, 2006
Getting Started
I'm getting published in an area paper. I live in the middle of nowhere. Remember what they say,
"Nowhere" is also "now here"

figured I'd send this to lit before they own it tommarrow-

Getting Him Started Again-
The Rural Virginian more
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Wednesday 07th June, 2006
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and other interested parties
Wanted to stop in and say hello and relate how I miss being here to read all of your words of wisdom and humor and beauty and sublime ingenuity.
I am ensconced in all manner of matters that take my muse, and leave me little time for my fun, which includes my Lit time. Some of these pursuits more
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Wednesday 03rd May, 2006
Opposite of love is Payback
I am angry. Very angry.
First, and most annoyingly, my ex-husband.
Our oldest child was in her first year at university this year. It could have cost us musciplicitious bucks, but because she had been such a good student, and because of choices I made to live in a pit of a town in a more
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Saturday 17th December, 2005
blah blah blah blah, merry christmas , blah blah blah
Are there no mothers who can feel this? Or am I blacklisted?
(Please skip poem if you must, but my blog begins after poem)

On Her 19th Birthday

When she was very little, I remember how she'd reach for me.
She'd stretch out her baby arms, as far as they more
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Tuesday 13th December, 2005
On Her 19th Birthday- 2005
A/N: this was published as poetry recently and not recieved well. (not that any one said anything... at all... ) so I rethought this and retitled to be a more accurate reflection of what this is and why it's brought here today-

On Her 19th Birthday

When she was very little, I remember how she'd reach for me.
She'd stretch out her baby arms, as far as they would reach, anxiously requesting me to fill them with my love. With affection she would pat my cheek, and her tiny hand would so easily slip into mine.

After she learned how to tie her shoelaces, she was all ponytail and skinned knees,
and still, would clasp her arms around my neck and grasp my hand to venture across the street.

How many giggles and squeals of delight has she now counted? How many tears of true sorrow has she embraced?

Still and forever, she returns to hug my neck, clutch my hand, and fill me with her love before she bounds out the door-

Oh! How I will one day miss these daily reminders!
My task will be complete -her outstretched baby arms, a mere whisp of memory...

The flash of her smile will always bring me joy, for always and evermore she is owner of my heart.

-If I take a moment to be still, I can feel her lttle hand in mine, when I close my eyes.

01/1998 elm

**note 2005: if I close my eyes, I STILL can!**
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Friday 14th October, 2005
Advice In "End Times"
My children (ages 18 and 13) are frightened by the state of the world. They watch the news and wonder if theyíll see adulthood. Theyíve expressed their fear of the biblical end, the apocalypse, and wonder if we arenít now witnessing the beginning of itís unfolding. I write this for them. more
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Sunday 03rd July, 2005
Prayers for Shasta
***written to quickly to be 'poetry', this is a multiple haiku- work in progress -***

Horrors -only eight-
over-shadow now any
happiness that was

But a wisp of girl
in unimaginable
ways ripped and ruptured

What did she witness
What was she forced to endure
What part can survive

Could be my neighbor
Could be my darlin' daughter
Could be yours as well

Registration smedge-
istration Brand their foreheads
with a big 'S P'

"Scarlet Letter"-esque
Warn us if you know they are
free to prowl again

Now he'll go to jail
Free meals and full health cov'rage
plus cable t.v.

Someone's sure to find
him bending in the shower
make him pay a bit

She will spend her life
Waking and walking nightmares
all day, every day

Mother and brothers
dead before her eyes and what
more will fill her mind

May Shasta one day heal
May she find some allayment
My heart breaks for her

Send Shasta prayers
Send congressmen a letter
Help protect children
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Thursday 28th April, 2005
Country Justice
Itís been a long couple of days. Every time I am confronted with him, especially when judges are involved, it dredges up a lot of the past. If he would leave me alone, stop trying to always, at minimum, mind fuck, Iíd be okay. Instead, twenty-five years of learning to hate. I have it down now. I more
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Thursday 04th November, 2004
God Bless America
I saw so many intelligent people get hoodwinked with their Christian zeal. I'll give Bush credit; he knows how to play his crowd. Some of us realize there is a fine line between what, to a society, is 'morally' just and necessary, and what is an imposed value judgment. I believe the original more
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Friday 29th October, 2004
Where is Jeb?
Where is Jeb?
I have two sisters. If I were running for the PTA, I would expect them to get behind me.
Where is Jeb?
I haven't seen anything from the governor of Florida.
He is, no doubt, dealing with the aftermath of viscious weather. Truly, my heart goes out to all victims of the horrible storms that battered their state.
-but- Why, four years later, after being the center of the debacle that was election 2000, does Florida still not have voting issues addressed.
I went from sex to motherhood in nine months. The development and marketing of Viagra may have taken less time- must be the reason Viagra is available, and Alzmeimers, Aides, and Cancer are still rampant [don't even want to think about stem cells](I'm sure to die draining the system as I have no health care.)
Saddam is seeing cardiologists and dentists. -We are good people. [Excuse me while I vomit]
Back to my original point. Is there something wrong with Jeb that he's not declared?
I remember Billy Carter. His brother Jimmy was president. As it turned out, I think too kind hearted a man to be as effective as a president needs to be. If only our president could lead a nation that built homes for humanity. Still, my collection houses a 'Billy Beer" can for an oddity.
Where is Jeb? I'd love to have a Bush lover answer.
Have you noticed, it's all about loving or hating that stupid elf faced ignoramous? Truly black and white, so little gray in these issues. I can't imagine how they feel what thay do-
But still, does no one but me wonder where is Jeb?

bless us all-
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