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Wednesday 13th April, 2005
Deep Blue Freeze part 3 "A Solid Plan"
I figured I probably wouldnít get anything but fish out of this and I should probably thaw it in cold water even though Iíd rather use hot to speed things up so I ended up soaking him/it in warm water. Itsí rigid tail hung over a front corner of the sink; the rest immersed diagonally, ugly face in more
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Monday 04th April, 2005
Deep Blue Freeze part2 "A Chilling Memory"
Freezer fog veils the accusing glare of itsí icy eyes, a frosty beard encrusts the fishís screaming frozen face.

My friend Paul had stopped by a couple of months back, acting weird and not wanting to have a beer with me. Didnít he put something in the freezer? I remember him more
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Tuesday 29th March, 2005
Deep Blue Freeze part 1 "A Frosty Reception"

I found a fish in my freezer- a big fish. It was (and still is) frozen. It was (and still is) vacuum-sealed in a clear heavy plastic pouch- a big pouch. Iím not sure if it was commercially packaged or one of those seal-a-meal type of things.

I found it surrounded by numerous other UFOís (Unidentified Frozen Objects). This other thing for example could be prime rib or it could be deer meat- thirty years old from when my dear departed Dad hunted (He gave it up before I was old enough to hunt with him- or perhaps he feared arming me).

Iím no fish expert but even if I was I donít think I could identify the type of fish this thing is- it looks to have been squished and distorted before achieving ice-block status. Itsí mouth is frozen open as if screaming ďIím freezing alive!Ē.

The point is that I donít remember where in the hell this frozen fish came from.
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