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Wednesday 03rd August, 2011
ce n'est pas un poème
For The Whimpering, Whining & Withering Lil’ Fools Amongst Us Who Quiver N’ Shiver Because When They Step Outside Their Door In The Dewy Early Morn Their Heads Come Close To Exploding When Confronted With Something That Just Doesn’t Quite compute. much. like. thelma. without. a. louise. they. must. strap. themselves. in. a. cruiser. alone. driving. as. fast. as. they. possibly. can. muster. towards. the. cliff. of. all. conclusions. finally. coming. to. terms. with. the. simple. fact. that. this. is. not. the. life. that. they. planned. No. when. They. were. In. Their. Early. twenties. Or. perhaps. Even. earlier. When. their. Puny. lil’. Teenhead. was. Dwindling. in. The. jelly. Of. western. Popular. culture. Probably. Trying. to. Decide. just. What. exactly. Their. favorite. Rock. star. Had. for. BREAKFAST-but-YOU-know-THAT-life-DOESN’t-always-DEAL-itself-SO-prettily-a-HAND-that-YOU-are-ABLE-to-SIT-down-AT-the-POKERTABLE-of-LIFE-AND-insist-THAT-the-hand-YOU-are-DEALT-isn’t-A-perfecto-ONE-then-SOMEWHERE-alONG-the-CRUising-pATH-oF-EXIstence-THe-BottOM-migHT-jusT-fALL-ThroUGH-whEN-yoU-fiNd-YoURSElf-StuCK-RIght-down. in. the. deepest. darkest. lil’. corner. of. the. world. with. your. hands. up. to. your. face. in. that. Home Alone. gesture. wherein. macaulay culkin. looks. as. if. he’d. been. studying. munch’s. painting. for. eons. being. whipped. in. the. basement. of. his. biz-career-pushing-parents. who. were. lowering. down. to. him. a. bucket. of. gruel. every. few. hours. telling. him. that if he. doesn’t. memorize. the. maniacal. memetics n’ mannerisms of ol’ munch’s work, he’ll most certainly GET the HOSE again.
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Saturday 30th July, 2011
violent equation
violent equation


fundamentalist conservative christian
guns & ambition
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Saturday 09th July, 2011
On Independence Day
our “founding fathers” did not father
because if i had been approached to sign a
“declaration of independence”
from an empire that committed atrocities against me,
of which me & my buddies were able to
list on parchment,
then i would think that more
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