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Tuesday 16th March, 2004
Dreams III

"They" say we all do it nightly. That said. My question to "Them" is: why do most of us not remember any of them?

Rather than wait the five years or so for "Them" to give us an answer, I have come up withy my own list of reasons. I ma also sure that there are more answers out there.

01) No such program
02) Program start priority set to low
03) Program new event threshold set to high
04) No such file
05) File full
06) Ops error
07) Routing error
08) Formate error
09) Hardware trouble
10) Program no enabled
11) Autostart timer not enabled or set wrong

Well there you have them do you think any of them could be why?
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Sunday 29th February, 2004
The easy life
Now we all say we want this but what is it. Ask 20 people and you most likely will get more than one answer.

Here are three that I think would come up most.

One to be rich or famous. A good one but did you not have to work hard to get there and to stay there. Well at least 90% of us did no sliver spoons.

Two when I was a kid. But do you remember all that we had to go through than. Learning new things all the time No really freedom to do what we wanted when we wanted. The rules, going to school and other place we would like to pass on. Than there was being in the right group and being cool. There was more too but I have blocked all that out I think.

Three back in the old days. No way they had to work harder back than for less and did not have all the laws we have now to protect us from greedy bosses and landlords and anyone who wanted to make an easy buck off us.

So as I see it there maybe no easy life so better make the best of what you have.
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Friday 20th February, 2004
Fire and rain
Both can be nice. A cozy fire to cuddle by or for cooking on. Rain to make things grow and at times to cool things down.

To me though it seams we either get to much of one or not enough of it when we need it. Like when the weatherperson says there will only be a 10% chance of rain so we go outside to play and guess what? We end up under that 10%. Than it has been dry for the last four weeks and our lawns and gardens are showing it and we could use a half inch ( 1.5cm) of rain over say a couple of hours and we get 3 inches (8cm) in an hour. Than what about those wild fires where they could use a good soaking rain and all they get is a drizzle for 10 minute that really helps. Oh I bet you can think of more along the same line so I will leave it at that.

Now my question to all the so called brains out there is what can we do about this.
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Wednesday 18th February, 2004
Time we sure make alot of it. We don't have enough or we have to much of it. It passes to fast or to slow. We never have enough when we need it. No one will give us any of theirs in more ways than one. We are always up against it. We can not change it. When we try to make "time" for something it is a 50/50 chance that we do it. We could go on and on like this for along "time" about the subject.

So to get the facts on what it is I asked Father Time to explain himself. He said to me do you have the "time" for me to give you the full answer.
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Sunday 15th February, 2004
You wake with a start to sunlight coming in your window. You look at your clock. Oh no it is 7:20 no way you can make your 7:30 train. Think when is the next one. Ok it is at 8:15. Well that will give you time for a shower but no breakfast. Oh well you can get something at work.
Off you rush still a bit damp. Gee is it a holiday so little traffic on the road? No don't think it is one. You make it to the station and it is 8:07 not bad.
Strange there is only a couple of people here. Was your train late or the 8:15 early or is it like this every day at this time you wonder.
8:20 no train. 8:26 still no train. You hope there is no trouble on the line. You check your watch again 8:31 still no train but a few more prople.
You hear the bells of the church down the street. They sound nice you think.
Once more you look at your watch it is now 8:36 and still no train. You now look up at the big station clock to check to see if your watch is right and there you see IT the reason things seam off. It is SUNDAY.
So off you slink back home. Hoping all the way that no one who knows you sees you and asks why you are up and out so early.
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