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Wednesday 26th December, 2012
I servived writeing my ....
this place is for me to blog about my writeing. If others want to join in about their struggles have at er.. Let it be known i have finished my book lenope tears. Now of coarse is the struggle to get it published. Have been gong the traditional route. Now considering kendel or one of those types.. Ok the holidays are past a new year fresh for the notebook. I was wondering if there are any vets out there in land. Reason i am asking is a book idea i have rolling around in the back of my head. Truth be told like so many veterans i suffer from the effects of P T S D. Thats post tramatic stress disorder for those of you who want to look it up. I am debateing about writeing about my own struggle which is hard enough. Or should i consider adding the experience of others. I am no shrink just a man who has delt with ptsd for a number of years. Here is the catch if my story or that of another vet can help just one vet get through a bad night its worth it. Thank you for any feed back
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