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Monday 21st November, 2005
New Blog: TinkerX
Just wanted to share with y'all, my Lit pals, that I'm blogging again... and this time on a topic you might find interesting. My former blog was about legal marketing (yawn...) as that was what I did for a living. I didn't tell you about that one, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with writing... more
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Wednesday 08th December, 2004
Jesus is a liberal
[Fair warning: This is a blatant plug for something I'm working on elsewhere. If that irks your pith, please move on before becoming steamed. Thank you]


Last summer, I wrote an essay called "Jesus is a liberal." It was published by the online ezine, Rouse Magazine, and can be found here:

I'm now trying to turn this essay into a published manifesto at My proposal is here:

The way it works is as follows: Anyone with an idea that they think is important submits a proposal for a manifesto. I did that. If the moderators of ChangeThis believe that the proposal warrants publishing, they put it up as a posted proposal. They've done that with mine, so it's passed the first hurdle. After that, those writers whose proposals that receive the most interest will be invited to turn their proposals into full-blown manifestos. You can see examples of finished manifestos on the ChangeThis website. The idea is that those finished pieces will, hopefully, find a wider audience and get passed around the internet and become part of the mediasphere.

If you think my proposal would make a good manifesto, please consider voting for it. Only one vote per customer, but you don't have to give them any info at all.


- Andy

PS: There are some pretty interesting manifestos on the site already. I find this method of content distribution through democratic momentum interesting.
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Saturday 24th July, 2004
The animal is always right
While growing up, I made absolutely sure to engage in all activities that would brand me "geek" throughout my life, even though I probably never heard the term until the late 1980's. I participated in music and drama at school and church, enjoyed camping and playing board games with my parents, more
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Sunday 18th July, 2004
Voca me

I've been away for the last 8 days and am glad to be back. While on vacation (it was lovely, thanks), I found myself missing the community of This is the first time I've ever felt strongly enough about a "virtual society" to think about returning to it while on more
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Friday 09th July, 2004
The ??? Faces of Eve
[Note: I won't have access to email or the Internet from 7/10 - 7/18. Please don't take any silence as an affront, except to the wiring. Since I've got a "backlog" of poems queued up with the site gods, you'll still be hearing from me. But in an odd, disembodied way. See you on 7/19] more
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Monday 05th July, 2004
Serious vs. Serious
I have noticed a tendancy here for some folks to describe themselves as "not serious poets." That's a good thing. I'm all for it.

You see, I have a problem with "seriousness." I have been accused of being "not a serious person." Guess what? I'm not. But I'd like to clarify for you more
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Sunday 04th July, 2004
Drop and give me 20 haiku about road trips, dirt bag!
[In case it hasn't been made clear, does NOT accept adult, pornographic or erotic submissions. Every time I see that big, bold, red warning at the top of the submissions page I'm tempted to sneak a little hanky-panky into a verse and see if it makes it past the censors.]

How more
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Saturday 03rd July, 2004
Leathery old poet seeks like-minded roughnecks for vigorous rumble
Tonight I will go on at great wind on the subject of criticism. Not "literary criticism," of the long-haired, journal-editor "Look how much more intelligent my review is than your original piece" variety, but the kind where we all try to help improve each other\'s writing.

As a bit more
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Friday 02nd July, 2004
Is rhyming, metered poetry better than free verse?
So this is where I talk about the difference between free verse and verse with some kind of rhythm, rhyme, meter, etc. The majority of my poetry has been free verse, ableit with a careful eye and ear towards the sound and tempo of the words, a feeling for the feeling of up-and-down that occurs more
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Thursday 01st July, 2004
Now it is night
According to the children's book, "Go, Dog, Go!" (which I love), "Night is a time for sleep. Now all the dogs go to sleep. They will sleep all night." Or words to that effect. I don't know about y'all, but I usually don't get to bed before midnight. Which means, technically, all of my sleep is during the AM; during the day.

At the end of "Go, Dog, Go!" all the dogs get to go up a very tall tree. We are left in suspense for 3 pages as to what is on top of the tree. It's a big dog party. They're eating cake, there's trampolines and canons, confetti, balloons... the whole enchillada.

I wonder if I slept during the night instead of during the day, if I'd be able to find a big party on top of a tree. Ever since I was small, when my dad read this book to me, I've wanted to be there, on top of the tree, partying like a dog. Now I read the book to my son, and he confirms that it'd be a good thing to be up there with the dogs. It looks safe. It's a very thick tree, like the kind in Africa with the giant, table-like top. I'm not sure it would support a cannon, but we could certainly have cake.
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Blog is such a troubling word
When I first heard someone say, "You should check out so-and-so's blog," my initial thought was, "Isn't that a job for his/her oncologist?" "Blog" sounds vaguely anatomical. Perhaps a type of cyst or a colonic obstruction made of congealed fat, dander and accidentally swallowed gum. Being a closet more
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