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Friday 10th December, 2004
Coitus Jurisdictis
They lamented with untruths unto the diciples of illtrodded webbed feet until
some semblance of kindness was retrieved;
Past stroked layed down and wet with wonder, crawling beneath the farther
depths they plundered using longer words like lollygagging and pencilpopping
and retorted back with meaningless trifle, and aimed with wooden stocked
rifle firing each blame with careful aim-and hitting with shots, they called
these bullets;
Slipping eely snake-like withering into the inns and borrowing dead grins
future hopeful fathers and mothers stuck inside out, their feet hanging in,
hands spread out counting their fingers with thumbs up their noses and breath
dying poses;
Waste left in the porcelain lair of the witchy crafted boa wearing dancer that
cut her throat last just to make sense of moated, but the water rose too
quick, and once to the hips, her gun shots got wet, and she dipped for a sip-
The flame circled louder in chowder power smoked house lamenting jokes with
corn cob pipes and silly philabustering rhymes just to make sense of one try.

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Monday 06th December, 2004
The Silly Psychic,The Terrorist, The Ghost
There in the bare naked woods of life, stood half an empty shell of unused peanut butter-half a peanut, if you would;
Upon this time, once there came a joyous thunder cloud that made a thunderous sound, like a flat rock face first in the water;
She thought she saw that sea shell glitter under the hot beach sun, but a tiny bottle, half filled with old sea water and a few remnants of barnacle, she knew this word, but didn't know what it was;
He pushed his way into the crowd of empty sea shells with barnacle hats, and wished them well, with an apology, written, but never found-He knew what it was all about, but didn't remember where he put it.

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Monday 08th November, 2004
Consider me this
Be kind as you will, if you can, and if you want to-do one thing for me, read on. Don't make an idle conversationalist into a national columnist that writes
forever "stupids" and "how could theys" to pay his way through life. Keep on
reading until you get to the end of the last line, please. Thank you very much
for reaching me, now that you have figured out what I am going to say-scratching
your head yet? Good-or taking a look around at someone looking over your
shoulder? How inquisitive-now that I have your subordinates listening to you
read aloud-this is my message: "consideration is one less appropriation that
our government never takes the time to write out in easy to understand words,
that would eventually make a formidable statement that won't cause mass
confusion-because that is certainly what I don't want"-and to further this,
would you be kind enough to consider this-a proposal? Or maybe, I am the writer
of facts-giving you people just enough to lean forward-ease back-then take a
dump as you laugh. The joke is on us, get to the end yet? I do hope.

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I know nothing
I was born to piss you off. Sound like an article of statement, or a rerun of
someone elses bad dream? Manifest as many demons you can before its too late,
and all the positions are filled. The Al Qaeda can have 'em. The worse ones
of course. We don't want to say "my bad" when "that" time comes. Letting me stand in my own stew brewing over you? Na', I would rather splash a little
stone soup at ya'-you know-to piss you off. If I wasn't born to do this, well
then-I know nothing, nothing at all.

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The last Voter
I wasn't born to be loved, and I make no pardons for not loving. I do, and can
say this without ill regret, my family is thicker than water. I have never
cast my opinion farther than the reaches of my home, or in a private affair-
-to get to the point of argument quicker, I more
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