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Monday 09th October, 2006
Casual, Casual.
Humm.. this is an inconsequential submission, overall, but I felt a need to come back and make notice of this site once again. I have to admit, got me through some tougher times in years past.. so it's always nice to swing by and drop a post or two.

Obviously, I don't expect anyone to remember me, or to even necessarily read this.. for awhile I had a popular bit of a feature aptly named "Tyrant Monkey," though that reign on top has long since died for the better.

I'm considering posting a Memoir I recently wrote.. it's a bit sketchy and the like, but I think I did a decent job on it. I only managed a B+, however..

Speaking of which, I am now a freshman in college, as opposed to a 9th grader and such as I was when I frequented this site regularly. I go the University of South Florida, and I am (itronically) working towards a degree in English as a Creative Writer.

Anyone remember Jon Titchenal? I do.

I don't really know anything much else to say.. so I'll dive into a bit of a catch-up on my life for anyone potentially interested:

I play bass in a band. My favorite movie is Garden State. My favorite band is Glassjaw. My favorite color is purple. I still like men from time to time.
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Sunday 19th February, 2006
Heyyy, TM's back.
Hah, it's been ages since my last submission. April 22, 2005, to be exact. Either way, I found this site once more and thought I'd stop by for a quick little love-fest. How has everyone been and the like? Mr. Titchenal (sp?) still writing amazing books?

It's nice to have remembered this site and I'll try to start contributing once again.

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Friday 22nd April, 2005
I have the most angsty entries in my blog.. Tsk.

Anyways, I am back, thanks to someone commenting on one of my songs out of the blue. I'm not sure if I'll be submitting much, since I haven't written anything for.. a very long time, but I suppose we'll see, no? I must admit, however, that it's good to be back, and especially fun to notice that a few people I remember are still posting away.
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Friday 12th December, 2003
Casual Friday
Dreaming is for fools who never think about what's it like outside their window when they're staring at the rain when they're wondering just why these thoughts don't escape the brain. I never did believe in philosophy or legends that just try to trick me.

Living is a process that precedes the act of dying in your heart or in your soul it doesn't quite matter to me when I play with my words like a game of chess or a match of tennis if you prefer to say it simply.

I never did quite know. I never did quite care. I just watched it fall apart like the sun shooting a spark into the atmosphere: it'll never quite make it here.

When these stations fall like torrential rains and wash away these hopes and wishes I'll stand back and admire the destruction and the pain of people when they run and scream about things they've never seen and secretly never will and never can be part of the true suffering.

It's so exciting. I'm so undeserving of this view of holy matromony in terms of sleep and discomforting thoughts. I really don't care, though, why would I break this circle if the reasons that I see are broken down at the seams.

I never did quite know. I never did quite care. I just watched it fall apart like the sun shooting a spark into the atmosphere: it'll never quite make it here.

I never did quite know. I never did quite care. I just watched it fall apart like the sun shooting a spark into the atmosphere: it'll never quite make it here.
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Wednesday 10th December, 2003
Cold Wind Desire
I've gone numb inside.
I can't seem to feel my heart.
And I know that we'll just stand here.
And hope it doesn't fall apart.
And these feelings are so cold.
They're freezing me from the inside.
But forever we just stand here.
And hope it doesn't die.

And we hope it doesn't die.
And we hope it doesn't die.

And once again I find myself begging.
For someone to help me.
For someone to hold me.
For someone to believe in me.
And so it goes on again.
Me on my knees begging.
For my life to take a harder swing.
And miss my happiness again.
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Friday 14th November, 2003
writing class is boring
Writing class is boring, so I wrote a bored song while I was in it: *Note: I did not submit this into the lyrics section because I don't think they should be there. I just fluke wrote them out of boredom and I don't believe they truly belong under the lyrics section*

Clouds are dark in the center
But are surrounded by white
By blue and by clear
By dreams of better days

Shaping to forms
Of inner ideas
Seeing a frog isn't rare
But others see that cloud

They view love and sparkle
A tree with apples or pears
Or maybe that frog
Or maybe that frog

Maybe it's easy to forget the sky
To give in to dark clouds and ignore the white
To belive that a rainbow is just out of sight
It is if you want it to
But the sky will stay blue

Crying over rain is pointless
Your tears are naught
Mixed with water
They're gone forever

But hope is a diamond
Forged from coal over years
Pelted by rain
The rain of which you cry

The horizan is small
If the buildings don't move
Away from that frog
Away from that frog

Maybe it's easy to forget the sky
To give in to dark clouds and ignore the white
To believe that a rainbow is just out of sight
It is if you want it to
But the sky will stay blue

Feeling the wind blow while trees whip around
Dropping soft leaves to the everlasting ground
Scraping at concrete with beautiful sound
Life will get better if you want it to
Just know that the sky is forever blue
Just know that I still love you...
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Wednesday 12th November, 2003
when tears vanish with autumn rain
When tears vanish with autumn rain
Serenity is dashed by concrete
And blades of grass fused with exhaustion

When tears vanish with autumn rain
And ice clears the path
But covers the right; leaving oncomers to face you

When tears vanish with autumn rain
People dash to nowhere
And let their cheeks stain with the night

When tears vanish with autumn rain
I stare out my window
And wish you were here by my side

These tears have vanished
And the autumn rain rolls by
But I, I keep my gaze to your eyes

Because you are more beautiful
Than any passing storm
And autumn brightens your face

Snapshoted into my mind
I'll never forget this night
When you finally stood by my side

Autumn has faded; your tears have not
They choose to embrace the days ahead
I offer my love forevermore to you

Because when tears vanish with autumn rain
They wash away from me
When I see your face
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Saturday 08th November, 2003
blah blah blarghedy blah
I've started some new stuff:

"I wish I knew why you were concerned about me last night on the phone
I barely heard your whisper
This coffin is a blister

And I fell forward into darkness into pain that left me feeling frail
This weakness is a splinter
I'll never bridge this river

So this pain inside
It builds up and rips
Straight through my side

I never wondered why
You didn't care
About me

This cry out outrage full of your hate filled with dreams of false imagination
Don't leave me hanging stories
Above the truths that I can't see

And everyone is leaving me is wanting me to curl up and just die
So you can break this silence
I think it's time to end this

So this pain inside
It builds up and rips
Through my sight

I never wondered why
You didn't care
About me

This pain inside
I lay down and cry
I open these eyes
And see black
I see you"

(Fun fun, neh?)
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dead and alive
Everyone should check out my deadjournal and my livejournal because I'm a loser and have nothing better to do than tell people to go see my two online journals in which one I am alive and one I am dead. Psh.
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Wednesday 05th November, 2003
The origin of narrow mindedness
The hardest realization I've recently had was that for years I've been narrow minded. Not necesarilly in ideas such as homosexuality, war, racism, etc - but rather in thinking that so many people were narrow minded. Aren't I showing a narrow mindedness as well by stating that someone else is narrow minded? It's such a tricky sort of realization to be offered to me on a silver plate, and I really don't think it even makes much sense.

What I'm getting at is that calling someone narrow minded is the equivalent of calling a 440 pound man fat just because you're only 420 pounds. Even when you might be a hundred pounds and seem so small and perfect next to that 440 pound man, are you what everyone wants? When not everyone thinks you're perfect, you can't be perfect at all. (Hence "nobody's perfect). But, furthermore, someone may also find that 440 pound man to not be hideous next to a 100 pound man, but rather more attractive.

I think I've digressed from my initial point, which has been lost in my mind again, but I think what I've been meaning to express is that throughout the years I've felt that narrow mindedness only fell into a category and not believing the seemingly unbelieveable. But I can't base it on those terms any more, because now narrow mindedness has been pushed off to the side and it's now considered narrow minded of someone just not to believe what someone says. In otherwords - narrow mindedness is based on a lack of trust, whereas people want to believe that there's something deeper to it. Is there something deeper to it?

Does that make sense to any of you?
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Sunday 02nd November, 2003
I like this guy
For I am bi
And I'm damn happy to say it!
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Tuesday 28th October, 2003
Goodbye Liz.

I promise I'll never forget you.

I'm sorry.
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Monday 27th October, 2003
tyrant monkey
Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. School sucks, it's always going to suck, and I hate everyone there. Sure, there's a few good people there that I don't mind too much. But, in general, I hate everyone. EVERYONE. Ugh.
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