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Friday 04th February, 2011
Apocalyptic Snapshots # 2
Alucia Speaks:

Apocalyptic Snapshots #2 (An apocalyptic promise)

Into the Ice I sink

And think
And sink
And think more
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Saturday 22nd January, 2011
The Flow of Time-Appendix B
The Flow of Time

there is tremendous history in each of us. we are not free of it's influences, we are not separate from it's progression, extension, manifestation, transformation, revelation, nurture, and responsibility. (Moseffa)

For more
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Thursday 20th January, 2011
Apocalyptic Snapshots # 3
The Red Cockroach Speaks # 1

My mentor, counselor and spiritual guide the Black Monk, Santo Nicola, also known as the Shadow Lord has instructed me to partake in these commentaries that reach across all the dimensional realities of the fateworn , uber and mundane worlds. more
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Friday 14th January, 2011
Apocalyptic Snapshots # 1
as the walls came tumbling down
an itsy bitsy spider weaved its web
amongst the bug infested ruins of Armageddon
whilst the last rites of the red cockroach
(administered by mealy mouth maggots
whispering sanctimonious platitudes)
sent the faithful into a more
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Monday 10th January, 2011
Apocalyptic Snapshots # 7
Flesh and Bone

out of the blue
something old
something new
a smile a kiss
an old grocery list
a hug a grin
a vintage bottle of gin
wrinkled frowns
love found
nothing lasts forever
not even memes

unless they’re fueled by
dreams and other cosmic schemes

(psalm 69 of the Hell Tablet G engravings)


Rainbow dreams fade at the seams.

They glide,
on sunbeams;

surfing on waves and rays of the morning sun,

riding high,
heavenly fun;

multi-jeweled memes and sunbeams.

But dreams,
at the seams;

where nightmares wake creating hellish fun.

It surrounds,
blocking the sun.

(Psalm 56 of The Hell Tablet G engravings)

Santo Speaks #2

In the scared chambers there are hundreds of engravings like these found on various tablets. The supposed scholars of our dying and decrepit age attributes these to be the psalm writings of Satannas Jesuriah . I doubt these are from Satannas, most likely from Her Male Half, Jesuriah, the One most like Their sanctimonious and tedious Father, Joshua. I find these two psalms to be a bit of mindless drivel ….

Santo Nicola
The Black Monk

warning warning Santos is not from this dimensional reality but on this world is considered a fictional character from the Apocalyptic series.
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Monday 03rd January, 2011
Apocalyptic Snapshots # 4
Apocalyptic Snapshots #4

Rabbit Holes and a Tea Party for Old Nick

Take your shoes off before diving into the mud;
and make sure your socks are made of nylon

Rabbit Holes and a Tea Party for Old Nick

Sing more
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Wednesday 29th December, 2010
Voices in the Dark
Voices in the Dark

It has come to my attention that the writers hands that I posses has a history with Be that as it may this is the first and last time that I will address the identity of this hack that likes to call himself a writer.( I’m being kind of schizophrenic here more
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