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Thursday 15th February, 2007
On an Occasion that I Remember My Mother's Cat
I was thinking about my late mother and her cat earlier today when someone mentioned how his own cat has usurped some furniture, which these divinely fuzzy and powerfully self-aware creatures are wont to do. Here's the story:

My late mother's late Daizy was a real character herself, a big fuzzy longhair tortoiseshell with gold eyes. Well, my mother entered a church lottery for some furniture, in this case a cushioned lounge chair and matching ottoman.

She put Daizy's name on the ticket, because she didn't expect to win and she just wanted to help out her church.

So what happens? My mother gets a call on the phone - this happened about 20 years ago - and they ask for Daizy.

Daizy? "That's my cat," says my mother. "Well, Daizy's won a lounge chair and matching ottoman." My mother turned to Daizy, who was sitting watching her as always, and announced "You fuzzy thing! You've won a lounge chair!"

When it arrived, Daizy immediately took it over. No one else could sit in it without dire consequences. Ask my LJ buddy pbagosy, that cat scared the shit out of him. She took no shit from anyone, believe me. (All of my mother's cats were crazy.) Only when she finally got tired of it and we moved did she take over other pieces of furniture, but she damn well knew that chair was legally hers. My mother really got a kick out of that.
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Wednesday 31st January, 2007
I Have Resigned from My Teaching Position
After seven and one-half years of teaching in the public School District of Philadelphia, I have decided to make major changes in my life and have resigned. Tomorrow, February 1st, is my last day.

My students have had mixed reactions to my resignation; some are happy, some are very disappointed. All of them realize why I'm quitting: I'm burned out.

Teacher burnout is happening to most of my colleagues. There are a few stalwarts who seem completely unaffected, but I do not have the kind of temperament, or to be frank, talent that these few special souls have. Teaching has been a definite education in life and perception for me, and I hope to take my many lessons from it into a career as a writer. While trying to be a writer - that is, a commercially successful one - I'll be doing different things, most likely. Some of these might be stopgap 'mcjobs', others more serious committments. However, my focus from hereon shall be that of a writer.

What else do you expect from a longtime user on Lit.Org, after all?
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Tuesday 16th January, 2007
An Epiphany
I may have finally had my epiphany.

I was reading my book (on writing horror for a living) earlier tonight at Michael's Diner. It explains that many people go on to publish after taking certain critical writing workshops in the genre, and it expounds the value of having a degree in more
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From My LiveJournal: What Might I Write?
Wed, Dec. 27th, 2006 04:51 pm
I just finished 'Immortal'.

pbagosy told me on the phone earlier that he'd seen it on the Sci-Fi Channel and that he agreed that it's quite awesome.

I'm wondering if the person who wrote the synopsis on the box had really seen or more
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Thursday 28th December, 2006
Film and Fertility: Where's the Imagination NOW?
I just finished watching a sci-fi film called 'Immortal'.

julian_strychen told me on the phone earlier that he'd seen it on the Sci-Fi Channel and that he agreed that it's quite awesome.

I'm wondering if the person who wrote the synopsis on the box had really seen or more
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Wednesday 27th December, 2006
My Christmas at My Dad's House
We exchanged gifts.

I got some good clothes, a new cat calendar ('Bad Cats' calendar for 2007, to go with a book I gave my mother a couple of years ago, which my sister has now given back as a memento), some more Chardonnay (by 'Three Blind Moose', but according to the label it's more
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Sunday 06th August, 2006
I'm Being Tapped to Write for a New Gaming Site!
I didn't at all expect this,but this morning I received an email from someone who's been reading my Star Wars blogs, particularly the recent ones reviewing my experiences in Star Wars Galaxies. I've been offered a writing position for a new gaming website!

They're just getting off the ground, but I'm being tapped as they begin building their stable of writers. This could be the beginning of great opportunities!

I'll let you know more as things develop.
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Sunday 02nd July, 2006
I was profiled on !!!

I\'m currently the Featured Blogger for my scholarly blogs on Star Wars and related topics in mythology, literature, storytelling, society, what-not.

Check it out!
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Thursday 25th May, 2006
I knew it would happen one day...
I joined the Star Wars online fanclub and have started a blog. For those interested:

For those who have seen any of the blogs featured on, you'll find mine generally to be higher-brow. Not that the folk on that blog site are generally stupid, but I think I bring insights there, or at least re-express some, in ways that should widen some peoples' minds. I look forward to my participation there.
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Sunday 21st May, 2006
I'm Changing Stages with This Thing
I'm now moving from grieving for my mother to pondering Death. I touched her in the casket and I noticed the difference. Her body had changed from a person to an object. There was no missing it.

It's not like I didn't expect that. The complete lack of response didn't surprise me, but more
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Thursday 18th May, 2006
My Mother Has Passed Away
She passed away in her sleep this morning. My sister is really broken up, and my father is heartbroken.

At least it didn't go on any longer. She was in horrific shape and getting worse, although she did have a real desire to live.

I will miss my mother but I believe more
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Thursday 19th January, 2006
Goodbye to a great band: RobotZen
I'm saddened to announce that one of my favorite bands, RobotZen, has broken up. They actually broke up a long while ago; I just hadn't checked their website since the summer. They've played their last show and ... that is all.

Their two excellent cd's are still available on for those who want to hear some truly innovative, creative and memorable electronic rock'n'roll. Just go there and search for 'robotzen'.

I'm hoping that something new will come out of Steve Robot, who is a helluva guitar player and musical visionary. He did some amazing things on those two discs...
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Friday 13th January, 2006
Friday 13th - feels like a Monday!
What a shame it is that we still have five-day workweeks. Let us call again for four-day workweeks with no reduction in pay. In Europe and through much of the industrialized world, the workplace is vastly more relaxed. They laugh at us for kicking our own asses for employers who think of us as retarded cattle. Well, perhaps the bosses are right if we're putting up with the level of abuse we're living with.

Think of the time people would have to spend with their families, bringing guidance and quality time to their children. Imagine all the golf the bosses could be playing on that extra day of relaxation.

Imagine all the children Rick Santorum could blow up and kill in poor countries - or how many dead fetuses he could curl up with in bed - if we all had Friday off. Or Monday. Pick one.

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Friday 03rd June, 2005
Death, Dying, Family & Fetish: New American Traditions
I was just home for the weekend with my folks. My parents are basically dying of old age in less than slow motion. My mother just came down with emphazima and my sister is moving them into a retirement community close to her in New Jersey.

I'm not even 39 yet but it looks like I'm more
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Wednesday 25th May, 2005
Criticism of George Lucas and Star Wars III
This is pasted from a critical review of Star Wars III which gives
both the positive and negative, for an overall positive recommendation.
However I must share in the criticisms as being quite wholly accurate:

Here comes Christopher Lee as Count Dooku! Leave it more
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Thursday 19th May, 2005
Star Wars vs Star Trek: Sci-Fi Paradigms
On LiveJournal today, a buddy of mine posted that on his radio show, people compared Star Wars against Star Trek during a discussion of the new Star Wars III release. In response, I found myself writing an essay, which I had not set out to do. It turned out so nicely that I repost it here: more
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Thursday 07th April, 2005
Pat Robertson, Amerikkka's Religious Right Retard vs Separation of Church and State
>In an ironic twist of logic, on his July 6 episode of The 700 Club Pat Robertson, predicted that this type of violence will continue into the >future. "There will be many more of them." He blamed Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) for the "violence, >killing, mayhem [and] more
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Tuesday 29th March, 2005
Terry Schiavo went to my high school...
...and was a senior there during my freshman year. I saw her as a face in the crowd every day for my first year.
In those days, we had separate buildings for the genders, but we had common busses and the schoolyard. Today I'm in the same faculty with a guy who graduated a year behind me and more
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Wednesday 23rd March, 2005
Recent LJ repost re: the recent school shooting by Chippewa teen in MI
My friend leigh137 posted on another's LJ:
2005-03-23 08:37
Exactly the impression I have gotten about him though almost every story I have read. I don't think he was a maniac, or evil, I think he was, as everyone is at that more
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Wednesday 24th November, 2004
Fuzzy Baby and the Wooley-Booley
My cat is slowly becoming less afraid of my fiance's cat. Wooley-Booley isn't quite as terrifying as he was in the past, although she still tries to avoid him and runs away. Once she's in the closet, though, she fights him and he goes away.

We call him Wooley-Booley because he bullies her. He's black and white, not a tuxedo but sort of a random holstein cow pattern. Until Roisin moved in along with me we called him all sorts of things: Kitty (his original name, I couldn't let that stand), Cow Cat, Holstein Fuzz (mine), Hollywood Fuzz (mine, since he liked lying under lamps), and finally she named him after the old '60's song after it became apparent these two weren't gonna get along.

He's lovable but I do get pissed off when he tries to tear into my fuzzy Roisin baby pet. Perhaps I babied her too much. I can't help it. We spoil our cats in my family. Wooley-Booley started out as a rural mouser.

Still, my fuzzy baby has started coming out to me when I'm on the couch, despite the presence of the Booley.
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Monday 22nd November, 2004
Strawberry Mansion High School the Site of a Shooting Today
Fortunately, Maureen (my fiance) was too sick to go in today, but at the school where I previously taught, where she still teaches, fourteen rounds were fired by some punks that killed a student and wounded several others.

I told you my old school was a combat pit!!!

I know that neighborhood well, and I know the places where the bullets hit. I know the place well. Only a couple of weeks ago, Maureen and I had to sit in front of the school in her car and wait for Triple-A to come get the vehicle, which had died on her the day before. This easily could've happened at that time.

Last year, Philadelphia had 35 kids killed on or near school grounds, at times by parents involved in shootouts with each other while dropping off their kids, then killing someone else's kid because they can't aim with these cheap weapons... plus of course kids killing each other or getting in between dealers while they're shooting.

It's getting worse, folks.

I taught at Strawberry Mansion High School from September 1999 to June 2003, and finally got my transfer to George Washington HS up here in NE Philly. Until the end of this past August I lived close to Strawberry Mansion in Wynnefield/Overbrook, ten minutes away from the combat pit. A couple months after we moved, a Korean drycleaner was killed almost next door to our old apartment building, the Iroquois.

Philadelphia is a combat pit of a city where children are born to die. It's a shithole. I predict that the casualties are going to be similar to those of last year. I could be wrong, but I think it's going to be the same.
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Friday 12th November, 2004
Reflections on Evil
(I wrote part of this in my LiveJournal in response to something someone said in comment of one of my original posts.)

America is tooling up to grant the gift of pain to the innocent: the people who were supposed to have bombed us but had nothing to do with it. The Geneva Conference is going straight down the shitter. Why?


Now we've got fucking Torquemada for Attorney General, replacing fucking Cotton Mather. What a carousel of the damned we have in our legal system...

The new Attorney General, an Hispanic named Gonzales, is replacing the religious nazi nut John Ashcroft (Cotton Mather). The Hispanic, Gonzales, is the guy who wrote the 'Torture Memos', assuring Bush that he would never face war crimes trials and that he could ignore international law... as if Bush could read it.

Thus, 'Torquemada'. Hey, he's even Spanish. That's supposed to make him seem like a progressive choice, but in fact he's the typical GW Bush lackey, with no respect for humanity, civilization nor international law. Human rights is absolute bullshit to this crowd.

The Constitution means less and less to the Right Wing all the time. I hope they don't quote the Founding Fathers around me anytime soon, or someone's gonna get a corrective assbeating.


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Songs and Memories of People
Here's a story about someone I remember mostly because of an old Black Sabbath song.

When I was a junior at Archbishop Wood HS for Boys, which was in 1982/83, I had a religion teacher (a priest) who had us bring in a song that really meant something to us. I brought in Wheels of more
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Monday 13th September, 2004
Warning! Windows XP Service Pack 2
Beware of downloading and installing Service Pack 2 if you've got Windows XP on your system.

It causes some serious havoc, especially by making some stuff simply stop working.

All of a sudden your computer won't like certain things, and it causes serious problems for USB devices. It's a terrible problem.
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Monday 23rd August, 2004
My Trek 'Zine 'Izarian Military Review'
My classic-Trek 'zine is nearly complete, in terms of writing and artwork. It won't be long until I send it along to a 'zine publisher to print it up and take it to the conventions!

I've got artwork getting done by talented people, great stories are ready for people to enjoy, and I even have some interesting editorials.

At this point, I actually find myself with material for a second issue, quite a bit of it, actually. Each issue is going to have a long, 'anchor' story as a main feature and then several other shorts of varying length, plus articles. The first issue will have a story conceived by me and written by a writer I managed to recruit off the fanfic forum, plus one humorous short written by him. He's quite good, named Dan Simons.

Kail Tescar of has offered to try his hand at some art for IZM as well, and I'm very pleased to have him aboard.

Last but certainly not least, I also have to thank an artist whose absolutely superb work I have known in the past, and he's already produced what I believe will prove to be a great sell-point for the 'zine in the form of a cover: julian, whom you know right here at and whose writing and art you can find at:

His black-and-white art has captured the essence of my featured story for the first issue with power and immediacy, truly in-your-face. Watch for it! That is, if you get a copy of the 'zine! When I get some better webhosting than yahoo/geocities, I'll likely feature it on the site when the cover is complete with its banner.

That's all I have for right now. Check back later - same blog time, same blog channel.
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