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Tuesday 10th July, 2012
I'm back... kinda
Hey guys, it's been a couple of years since I last posted on this website. You know, i remember when I was in the third grade looking over at my best friend tiffany reinders at the time and telling her i was going to grow up to be a writer and she was going with me. That was 16 years ago. How times have changed. Since the last time I have posted, i divorced my husband. 21 and divorced, but don't cry for me sweet world. Not everything is meant to last forever and not all endings are meant to be tragic. I feel that in my short life i have taken many windy paths and each one has lead me to a different lesson which i have cataloged and stored away in my memory to save as advice someday for my future children, advice which i know will fall on deaf ears but i will give anyways. During these trials and tribulations i have written several songs which i feel express me in my journey towards life. Though they have been somewhat poorly recorded due to the fact that the only recorder i have is my $14 to go phone i picked up at wal-mart, i hope you might enjoy them and i sincerely wish to share them with anybody who cares to lend an ear or an eye if you're reading the lyrics. The website to listen to them is
That's what I have for now at least. One day, soon hopefully, maybe tomorrow, i will invest in a moderately inexpensive recording device and put my songs to justice. I hope you all enjoy. I enjoyed writing them :)
-Christy Van-Kellogg
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