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Tuesday 29th July, 2008
The Archer's Eye
It has been a successful week. The results from last semester are in and everyone of my students showed some sort of improvement, either creeping up to passes or shooting ahead to B's and A's.

At the end of the day, it is how much work, focus and order the student puts into their more
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Saturday 26th July, 2008
Stones And Salisbury
Stonehenge and Salisbury Useful Information

The rumours are it was ancient observatory, or pagan altar, or even King Arthur's burial place.
Another theory I heard, is that the devil brought the stones there from Ireland.

The road goes straight past the walking track seperated by a six to eight foot wire mesh fence.

It is two hours from London in Wiltshire.

2,600 hectares for the Stonehenge heritage site in total.

First stone, unworked, stands near road and fence, 5000 years old. Sun comes up over it on 21 July if you are standing in the middle of the stonehenge circle.

13 kms South away are remnants of hilltop Old Sarum, medieval town built during the Iron Age. The nearby town of Salisbury was first moved from this hilltop, stone by stone about 800 years ago. The cathedral is the tallest in England. They shot an arrow from Old Sarum? to find new place. Moved in 1220. Has an original "Magna Carta". Have to use that.

The Haunch and Venison, a hostelry. Once a brothel linked by tunnels to the church behind.
The Haunch?

The church is even older than the cathedra. Chase scene maybe through the Haunch and Venison, tunnels which are now sewers and the church?

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Friday 04th July, 2008
Circle Plot A
Author's Note:
This Blog contains some research and plot outline Section A for a planned novel "Circle of Stone".

Site for police procedure, forensics, guns, ammunition
American site but with contributing authors from all around the world. more
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Wednesday 18th June, 2008
Circle of Stone
Normally I just start with an idea and no gameplan so I'm trying a story in the mystery genre utilising Aristotles guidelines -

Working Title - Circle of Stone

Setting:- Modern day England. Stonehenge. Royal Observatory Greenich. London. Hyde Park. more
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Monday 16th June, 2008
Aristotle's Ghost
Aristotle's Ghost

I was just lying there daydreaming when there came a staccato rapping at my doorway.

Standing there in his flowing beard and white robes was Aristotle's ghost himself. I don't know
how I knew it was Aristotle but I was sure it was him. more
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Wednesday 18th January, 2006
Author's Note:
The 8th card of the modern Major Arcana of the Tarot and 9th in this series is STRENGTH, which has been a long time in waiting due to an electronic highway modem-jacking. The usual image is of a refined woman seated and holding the jaws of a fox. The Mythic more
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Wednesday 01st June, 2005
The Chariot
Author's Note:
The Chariot is numbered 7 in the Major Arcarna and is the eighth card in the Tarot and this series. The Chariot card often carries the image of a glorious Roman Charioteer being drawn by two steeds - one black and one white, sometimes pulling in different more
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Wednesday 18th May, 2005
the Lovers
Author's Note:
This is the seventh card in my Tarot Major Arcana series. The Lovers card certainly can and sometimes does mean love and romance, but it more often means choice, decisions, and a balance of male and female energies. In the Waite Smith deck, the picture is of more
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Thursday 12th May, 2005
The Hierophant
Author's Note:
Card 6, numbered 5 of the modern Major Arcana is the Hierophant. The Hierophant is often depicted as a holy man. In some decks this card is known as the Pope or High Priest. This is the card of beliefs, both religious and otherwise, though it focuses on the more
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Friday 06th May, 2005
the Emperor
Author's Note:
Fifth card of the Tarot Major Arcana is the Emperor. The Emperor reflects the masculine energy of the father and the impulse to create and impart form and structure. The Divinatory meaning of the Emperor is the need to make something solid, to concretise an more
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Thursday 28th April, 2005
The Empress
Author's Note:
Part 4 of the Major Arcana of the Tarot is the Empress. The Empress represents the mother and the creation of life, of romance, of art or of business as well as the natural world and the seasons. The divinatory meaning is one of fertility, creativity, more
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Wednesday 20th April, 2005
the high priestess
Author's Note:
This is just a first draft and a little rough in places but the main story is there. The third part of the Major Arcana is the High Priestess. The High Priestess card replaced the Pappas or Pope card. In modern Tarot the High Priestess is numbered 2. When the more
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Thursday 14th April, 2005
the magician
Author's Note:
Part 2 of the Major Arcana. The Magician of the Tarot is normally numbered one and is usually depicted as a powerful adept, a master of the four elements. He represents the creative intelligence behind the universe and is associated with intuition and the more
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Sunday 10th April, 2005
the fool
Author's Note:
This marks the birth of a series I am doing on the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Originally Tarot cards were part of a game. In the late 1700's, the cards were believed to be an opening into the world of the occult. During the 1800's, people were ostracized for such beliefs and the Tarot cards were believed evil. Nowadays, the Tarot has become a tool used as a means to see into ourselves and what is influencing and guiding our thoughts and actions. The Fool is numbered 0, the number of unlimited potential, and doesn't actually have a place in the sequence of the cards. The Fool represents the beginning of a new stage of life. This is a card of potential, hope, and innocence. It's divinatory meaning is that the time is right for a change and a risk must be taken for a new phase to begin.

The Fool

Grand aurora
broadest flower of morning
blessed child of rosy-fingered dawn
beauty unbound by blunt-edged horizon
bathe me in streams of liquid warmth
fuel my soul with gentle fire.
Siren red sunrise
call forth day
I will humbly follow
and obey.

Heavenly eagle
warrior of sky and plain
winged messenger of almighty gods
wise counsel to kings of lands and mortal man
watch over my reckless wanderings
guide me along vines of sweetest wine.
Regal air steward
seek out our prey
I will honor
and I will slay!

Sacred heart
open wide to life's wonders
embrace each passing moment of pleasure
endure each experience of pain
beat a meter to my rhythm
enlist a soul in harmony.
Dynamic little drummer
flex, stretch and bend
for I will love....and lose
and surely love again.


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Thursday 17th March, 2005
virus huggers
Virus Huggers

Confound those miserable souls who take their abilities and use them in terrorist acts upon the unsuspecting and innocent end users. Yes, I'm talking about the virus huggers and Trojan lovers who infect the computers of the good and noble. Okay maybe not so noble, or more
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Monday 25th October, 2004
name drops
Hi all.
I am currently working on a Fantasy story and I have a character in it who is an elemental magician. I have named her Mareena, but as Peter P has mentioned this has been used before, so I am looking to find another name for her.

Background - There are four elemancers more
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Wednesday 20th October, 2004
drug floods and firebugs
With all the rain there comes the floods and with all the pain there comes the drugs.

I've just had my second tab. Paracetemol that is. I don't remember the last time I had one of these. Probably never. I did have some aspirin once as a kid but nothing since them. So although it is more
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Tuesday 19th October, 2004
puncture wounds
Well may as well go with it though it'll probably be useless or just as painful to read back.

A jagged shard of glass slowly inserted in the corner of the eye forces it way down through my cheekbone and sets a fire burning in my beetroot red ear. A mindnumbing bodyfreezing streak of pain jangles along neurotic pathways from the paintip tip to the tiny hole in the molar. Tender exposed nerves screech in a sudden inhalation of breath that howls across the chasm and tooth nerve like a searing flame.

Wight hott daggers of dammnation spear like iron spikes into the top of my pulsing cranium and the moment becomes suspended in a toe-cuurling teeth-clenching muscle-spasming time-stretching peak of the ectsacy of blinding white agony.

In its aftermath an appreciation of its abscence.
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Rain Pains
The rains have finally come. The first decent ground-soaking grime-cleansing rains for seven months. The lawns, brown only a day before are starting to respond already with patches of green.

It was only the day before the old sago palm had spread it's leaves and the next ring of thorny leaves began to unfurl. That was the first sign.
Then the ants had migrated overnight and taken up residence in the curtain rod. The precious eggs taken up to higher ground safe from the flooding waters. The second sign.

Then my ear started to ache and I had to stop work because it was impossible to concentrate. The third sign.

For two days I was in agony and the rains came tumbling down and then as the sun peeked meekly through the clouds, I had a repreive from the pain. Today another thunderstorm and though I felt fine for most of the day the afternoon deluge brought another painful earache. It's stopped raining again now.

Out further from the coast towards the west, in the outback, there are two year old kids who have never seen rain.

Hopefully this will remind to write something more about the city too and the grime that the rains seems to wash away. The oil on the roadway that makes them as slippery as ice after such a long dry spell. The dust and particles in the air and the rains that cleanse the air and strip away some of the charged particles. Later when I can sit and concentrate for longer. Sleep is the best medicine now.
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Sunday 26th September, 2004
Surprise Packet
I was out in Receipt and Dispatch bay unloading the supply truck from the depot. There were bits of engines, boxes of spark plugs and oil filters, accesories and tools and this one large but strangely light to lift closed-cardboard-carton. I mark everything off the dispatch sheet and stack it to more
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Tuesday 21st September, 2004
The Cicada Nymph
The Cicada Nymph

Here it is the school holidays, springtime and the sun is shining and birds are singing and winging. It's a pleasant 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees F) in the City of Fun in the Sun situated on the subtropical coast of the Sunshine State.

I'm the only more
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Sunday 19th September, 2004
The Tartan Band
The Tartan Band

Okay. Laddies. Time to don yee old tartan and fight the good fight. Everybody in place. Any words from the scouts?

Nuffin yet. Gee that's a nice hemline on yur skirt Macca

Thanking ye too Macka. Your wee kilt is gettin a bit frayed.

Ah Knoo. But it'll be a brit whit moonlit nit in Aberdeen because ah get another.

Hoots man!

Macca. There's been a sighting of a Tom. Central Plaza Mall. Women's Intimate Apparel.

I'm there Macka! Fire up the Austin. Clash the Claymore boys, we're going into battle.

Keep ya face hidden in the wee lace Macca.

Aye Macka I will.

Somewhere else in the wide world of the web, images from a phone camera are transferred to computer and an overweight figure seated at the terminal clicks through the pictures. Selections are made and arranged for the website pages. Suddenly the computer operator shrieks and rocks back, clutching at his chest. The latest update of the Unsuspecting Upskirter is postponed indefinitely at the untimely death of the website developer.

A police spokesperson said today that a remote robot had to be deployed to switch off the computer before police and ambulance officers could approach the body, while in the highlands there was much hooting and swapping of sporrans.
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Friday 17th September, 2004
the cabbage tree creek crossing
The Cabbage Tree Creek Crossing

The Crossing

I was halfway across the swollen creek when I saw some dark shadow moving about and a few telltale air bubbles popping on the surface. A telltale ripple crossed the waters surface as if some great beast of the deep, some more
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Thursday 09th September, 2004
viking drinking song
Author's Note:
Based upon the music and meter of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" this tells the story of the Scandinavian creation myth. It's a song for long ocean voyages where tankards can be clashed or campfire corroborees where sticks can provide the accompaniment.

Emigrant Song

*klank* *klink* *klank* *klink*
Aaaeeaahaah! Aaaeeaahaah!

We come from the land of ice and rime.
From the shadow lands of frozen Nifelheim.
Borne from the chaos of the yawning gulf,
Eternal echoes of Ginnungagap.
Demon Surtur!
God of Fire!
He fuels our hearts
With breath from Mus-pel-heim!
The Noisemaker -
Frost Giant Ymir!
Rises out of the rolling vapours and clashes the frozen air!

*klank* *klink* *klank* *klink*
Aaaeeaahaah! Aaaeeaahaah!

From out of the gulf came the cow Audhumla,
Who licked the salt and hoarfrost from an icy boulder.
Out sprang Bur, father of Bor
From whom the Gods Odin, Vili and Ve were spawned.
They slew Ymir,
And made Midgard.
His body became the earth,
His icy blood the sea at large.
His bones formed the mountains,
His flesh formed the soil,
His skull the great sky-dome endued with colours royal.

*klank* *klink* *klank* *klink*
Aaaeeaahaah! Aaaeeaahaah!

From Muspelheim came the sun and the moon,
And stars to guide sailors and make dreamers swoon.
The great ash tree Yggdrasill held all in place
With it's mighty roots and branches into space.
Chips of wood,
From the great ash tree,
Were gathered together,
For the first time in history,
To form the first man Ask,
And the first woman Embla,
Now the warrior children feast faith in the fabled halls of Valhalla.

*klank* *klink* *klank* *klink* *klank*
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Sunday 05th September, 2004
flight night
Flight Night

One of my most vivid dreams of recent years is a flying dream. This is what I can remember, though the feather at the end was added.

It began with an old wooden schoolhouse with cracked graying timber walls, my footsteps crunching on the pebbled compound more
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