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Monday 23rd October, 2006
What's new
Everyday last week when I would go from class to class, I hated every minute of it. Not because I simply was at school, but because I hit rock bottom. What made it rock bottom?
1) Grandma died & it was begining to set in
2) Could not find my black cat*
3) I was/am stuck at the more
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Wednesday 09th August, 2006
The people in my life
God, that's such a corny title!

Yeah, well I may mention people in my rants. But since this is the internet I give them different names. Im sick of giving a long ass description of what role they play. So Im just gonna make a list.

Robert- The person I have written so much junk poetry about. My 'best friend I fell in love with.'

Bradley- A friend from sixth grade and up. He has in the past year become totally depressed. I car for him deeply like a brother, although he wishes in a different way.

Sissy- My sister. She is not my blood sister, but we act enough like siblings to confuse the people in the local grocery store. We met at the middle school in the next town, where I had my eighth grade year. She is a year behind me.

That's about all I'll mention. There's no one else that I see as a source of strong anger in my life that is worth mentioning.
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Wednesday 14th June, 2006
Summertime, lovely summertime, that means harrassing your parent who stays at home all day. Unless they are sick and you can't do anything about it. Good job, starfish! The burrito has landed.

I hate summertime. I mean it's good because of no school, but if you are like me and have no life, it's boring. You scramble around hobby stores to find things to keep your fingers busy, while your mind does not obey. It wanders until there is nowhere else to go.

It's even hard to see friends, when do you feel like cleaning your room and when are they NOT busy?

Ah! I'm so bored. (Not refering to anything.)
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Wednesday 19th April, 2006
I have two things....
I have two things to say.

"There is no such thing as beauty without flaws."

"Life is not fun without its challenges."

I came up with the first one because it's true. My friends and the person I love are perfect examples. In my opinion, the flaws are part of the attraction.

The second one, I found out the hard way.
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Friday 14th April, 2006
I think I won't be posting anything for a while. I won't be posting because my mental state turns to crap when I sit down to write something. I can't think of anything sweet or downright freaky so, yeah. Screw it......
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Thursday 23rd March, 2006
not needed
I want to appologize for not posting anything at the present time(well, worth reading anyway, not something like this). I have been busy, trying to figure out how to speak properly, how to act right and who I will be for the rest of the school year.

Lately I've gotten into hurting myself(no, not cutting, hell no!) as punishment for having innapropriate feelings for a friend. That punishment is also to take my mind off said friend and punishment for getting emotional about the whole thing and caring too much about it.

I have written some more poems, but I don't feel like putting them up. (I will anyway).
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