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Tuesday 21st June, 2005
Well, I apologize ahead of time to those that have come to look forawrd to whatever junk my mind seems to pump out. I've been a little occupied as of late. (legal troubles) But no worries, I've kept writing, as I always will, and will submit it when I am done. The "it" I speak of is a novel. It is actually my experiences so I guess it's an autobiography. Believe me when I write, I have had an interesting life, to say the least. More than enough for a half a million words. See you soon... and don't forget to love them.
Whoever "them" is to you.
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Tuesday 14th June, 2005
Hmm.... Today was interestink to say the least. I helped my friend with some homework. Sang good songs and downloaded a Bob Marley video. It contained numerous things such as his funeral, and a final tour date in Germany. Yeah I wrote Germany. Lol anyways he played Redemption song. The song itself is great, but the part that got to me was during the breakdown (when Bob did live shows and played that song the breakdown consisted of a heartbeat from the bass drum, and nothing else.) The drum was intoxicating, as they usually are, and I found my head bobbing (no pun) unconsciously. I took this to be a good thing. When he spoke those words the look that was in his eyes almost brought me to tears. I've been onstage before. I've had alot of people looking at me at once. When addressing a crowd with stage lights in your can't see anyone. You know they're out there watching, but you just can't see them. He looked into the eyes of humanity. The world over, and gave them wisdom. He offerred hope in a time of turbulence and violence. Mother Teresa once said that she wanted to make a Muslim a better Muslim, a Jew a better Jew etc. THAT is the approach that is needed. A world of "One Love"..."imagine" that.
Good Night,
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Monday 13th June, 2005
Ok, I've never written a blog, and I understand it's a combination of two words that were once told to me but I forgot. So...I'm guessing it's a sort of diary. Here goes.
As I write this I stand at a crossroads. This is not an uncommon thing for my life. Hopefully, in the future, I can be allowed to explain why I say that I feel I truly lead a charmed life. I have been more than fortunate with many things. But, let me start from the beginning.
I was born and raised in Boston MA. Well, just outside the city limits I suppose. Everett Mass to be exact. Everett is three miles at its' longest point and there are 30 some-odd thousand living there. My mother also grew up in Everett. GG I'll write more later.
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Sunday 12th June, 2005
A Mother's day message...
This was attached to a dozen long stems while my mother wondered wether she had done a good job.
"If everyon ein the world had a Mother like you,
There would be no such thing as war."
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Monday 23rd May, 2005
There is a sense of impending doom in the world today. Apocalyptic foreshadowing, maybe. Itís in the movies, papers, all around us. People fear what is not known. Evidenced by our bigotry. I laugh at you. You who falls asleep like a child upon the safety of your godís altar. You who called me a sinner beyond reconciliation. I pity your hypocracy. You honestly make me sick. I have more respect for the wholly good or the wholly evil. Purity is the cornerstone of their ideology. At least they pick a side. Nothing false lies in their souls. It is you who canít make up your mind whether to kneel at the altar or in front of a zipper. As for myself? I rejoice in ďitĒ.
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