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Monday 15th February, 2010
what is a WAGE SLAVE?
what i mean by wage slaves.....
Wages and salaries will be "income" within the constitutional meaning of the term only when We the People determine this to be so. There two distinct taxation clauses in the United States Constitution, adopted on September 17, 1787, by the Constitutional more
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Saturday 07th February, 2009
Wake Up Call
I was just watching the house of representatives, the so called representatives questioning the committee which was supposed to watch over the use of our tax money that was funnelled into the banking system to keep our economy alive. First off, the money we are spending to "float" our more
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Tuesday 03rd February, 2009
Guys will be guys
why do we do this?
his grin faded, "do what?", he knew.
"why do we always fuck and go, like pitstops in a perpetual nascar race?"
"there you go getting all gay on me again", he slid his pants up to his waist, weakly I watched him

button his blujeans and more
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