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Friday 09th June, 2017
Are we stupid?
How much money do we make determines our intelligence?

So if we make less money are we stupid?

Can intelligence be converted to money ?

Is that a stupid question?

Who is stupid ?

Am I stupid?
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Thursday 23rd July, 2015
Long time no see
Its been rather long time that I havent posted on this site. I have been working too much and being creative in other spheres. I hope to start posting some poems soon. I hope you guys still remember me.

I am older now lot more grey in my hair and maybe more wise.Methinks, my poems have become better and richer in meaning.
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Saturday 04th September, 2010
Dear Humanese,
Greetings from Planet Vulcan

I am astounded by the so called progress you have made on the planet earth.
It just goes to show that how even with such little intelligence you have been able to overcome the rigours of the earth.

Earth can survive and will survive in the event you humanese want it to survive
As its my calling being the higher intelligence to advise you to watch out for the survival of the planet as a whole as opposed to the so called nations you have made.

I admire the french fries and whoever invented it desrves to become the ruler of planet jupiter please forward his/her name to me as soon as possible for coronation.

I remain your master.


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Tuesday 10th August, 2010
people and peoplettes
I just thought of this title ...I have nothing to write for it though.
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Thursday 31st July, 2008
my gas
I have gas
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Monday 05th November, 2007
The drowned sea
I am not sure which category this is I kinda wrote it long time ago

The Drowned Sea

They pulled the young boy out
his blonde hair wet
Never will this child breathe again
the sea was to blame
A large wooden sign stuck out
Beware : Sea can drown
A thoughtful sea during tide
happened to read the sign
The sea began to cry
tears that cant be seen
Angered it lashed at the sign
in sorrow it retreated
Fearful of hate it churned
Deep diving to the bottom
the sea found a way out
the sea wanted to drown
Impossible as it seemed
the sea couldnt drown
Drenched but not drowned
the sea kicked the pebbles
on the beach in disgust
awaiting the next victim
of the drowned sea.
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Sunday 11th February, 2007
CreditCard Companies Cheat

that could be the new code for the devils if u have a credit card lemme
tell u they are awful not all some of them are downright cheats n
..........i will tell u more ;o)
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Friday 21st July, 2006
My shoes are dirty
My shoes are dirty

(Dedicated to all those who made and lost fortunes in the stock market, this is not autobiographical its just something i thought of due to stock markets crashing and people losing money )

My shoes are dirty
I stepped into a small mud puddle
getting down from a public bus
The shoes are costly
costliest amongst fellow travellers
but then this is the cheap transport
they used to be shiny
they used to be soft
now they are weary
but what hurts most is they are dirty

My shoes are dirty
it seems to be so jarring
for they were not walked much
from carpets to luxury cars
they were well protected
but now since time goneby
they are in places they wouldnt have been bfore
they are dirty

my shoes are dirty!
it makes me feel very common
even more than being back on the chain gang
even more than being amongst the labourers
somehow the shoes say things that nothing else can
they show the hard life
they amplify what is wrong
somehow a persons shoes say it all
my shoes are dirty
they were once shiny
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Thursday 13th July, 2006
Intelligent folks make no sense to the stupid and vice-versa
for the stupid things have to be in a set pattern
they cannot tolerate something out of the box
it has to confirm to set norms
Its like they will always come in the way of the truly intelligent
and they will always try to assert themselves to be better
and for the intelligent to succeed they need to beat them at their
own game follow their norms and still succeed which is a burden
for the great thinker.

Damm the stupid hope they go to hell !!!
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Monday 05th June, 2006
Why is Every1 Stupid?
God in his infinite wisdom made so many folks below my intelligence level
I really cant understand most people and their stupidity , I cant understand
their jokes or laughter.I just wanna ask you this


footnote: I cant understand 99 percent of folks 100 percent of the time
Its like they are speaking a foreign language they are so stupid.
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Friday 09th December, 2005
The Sex drive
So sex drive how fast do u drive ? i am drivin pretty slow it seems cuz
i am all tied up with work - I gotta drive faster make it this new years
Increasing Sex Drive to 180mph from 2006 ...beware LOL
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Monday 28th November, 2005
God aint Right but I am
IF it would have been perfect this world would have been a better place,
I think you gotta rethink about the world , are you listening to me you
foolish genius ?
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Thursday 17th November, 2005
I always wonder what luck is and what destiny is and how far we are ruled by it , does ability or hardwork or wise decisions or ambitions guide a persons life

Methinks it is just luck or destiny and we are not in the drivers seat of our lives
we are being driven by some invisible force which is Really Really Really Weird


I am scared the driver is crazy !
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Thursday 10th November, 2005
Burning cars isnt it a RIOT !
He was all of seventeen : Lets burn cars
The older nineteen year old : What if it starts a fire
17:you think?

they start torching cars;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

WOW its a riot ......dicontent among masses newspaper headlines

next day

14 year old : we gotta burn cars too
17 : we did that yesterday
14 : lets burn some more

burn burn paris burn burn

and onwards
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Friday 02nd September, 2005
The Intelligent Wabbitt

There is this intelligent rabbit , he is very intelligent ..

every day he comes out of his burrow and looks at the world around him,,

he likes the fresh soil around him , the birds on the trees , the big green fields ,

He is a very cute rabbit .. but the rabbit looks around and knows that this is not a perfect world ... he knows how to change it ...but he is just a cute wabbitt with cute red eyes ...

He searches for food ...eats it ... looks around sadly at the world ... and goes back to his burrow...

He keeps thinking how to improve the jungle how to make life better for all around him and he has the answers but he is just a cute intelligent wabbitt...

........What good is it being intelligent if you are just a cute intelligent wabbitt? he says out one day aloud and goes back to his burrow sadly.
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Tuesday 23rd August, 2005
Marriage Applications Invited
all alone

SO I am 32 (Big deal) , I am goodlooking (so I am told by umm some folks)
I am intelligent ( Everyone says that). I am 5"11 and 260 pounds , got light brown hair and same color eyes , my skin is very sensitive and it turns red even if u were to touch it and press it for a second.

UMM I am very well educated
Who wants to marry me ?

Wait before you apply

Minimum criteria required
1) YOU should have more than a college degree education
2) You should be above 18 years of age and female
3) You should have not been married before
4) You should be atleast 5"7 and above in height and not above 200pounds.
5) You should display good sense of humor and make me smile , be sweet and kind.
6) You should have exceptionally good looks
7) YOu should have a great sense of style in clothes and carry yourself well

Thats about it I guess .. though there are other terms and conditions applicable with the offer.

Thank you. bye bye

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Monday 01st August, 2005
Kick the dead
This is something I wrote the other day not sure what it means or what I mean by it you can draw your conclusions its a week old so i dont remember why i wrote it anyways here it is


kick the dead cuz they dont fell nothin

dead as doorbells

dead as doorbells

they dont breathe no more

the dead are your best friends

they dont take no air from u

so kickin the dead cuz they dont feel nothin

dead as doorbells dead as dooorbells

their blood is all cold and they dont need no haircut

u could be with them if u are not careful

kickin the dead cuz they dont feel nothin

dead as doorbells dead as doorbells

U are not stupid u are just alive

u aint not right cuz u dont die

i want to say kickin the dead cuz they dont feel nothin

dead as doorbells dead as dooorbells

God is a lamer

cuz he is to blame

kickin the dead kickin the dead
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