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Tuesday 09th December, 2008
What might H.G.Wells say
The following is an extract from today's Times:

"Muslim children are being beaten and abused regularly by teachers at some British madrassas - Islamic evening classes - an investigation by The Times has found.

Students have been slapped, punched and had their ears more
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Tuesday 17th July, 2007
There'll be bluebirds over
In her current predicament-swirling between Scilla and Charybdis ( both of whom seem to be the US in its two different avatars) Britain can hardly be the envy of anyone.

However she has only herself to blame for getting there in the first place. The \'whys\' behind her decision do not bear repeating - merely variations on the same old hackneyed theme of her being America\'s whore.

Let me nonetheless say that though she may well be the front-runner in America\'s call-girl sweepstakes , she faces stiff competition . A whole slew of nations from across the world are snapping at her heels -including ,to my utter mortification, my own.

She has two massive advantages though that none of the others possess.The first is that she is the mother country and the very fountainhead of America ( and is perceived as such by Americans -notwithstanding their Germanic roots ).The second follows on from the first : Americans\' weakest spot is their almost fatal fascination for all things British . The Ruritanian pomp and pageantry surrounding her Monarchy and Nobility , that oh-so-plummy ,cut-glass \'propah\' Brit accent , and her, all-too-quaint ,quintessential \'Britishness\" never fail to have most Americans -oohing ,aahing and squealing -in paroxysms of utter and delirious delight.

Notwithstanding any of this ,nothing can alter the flint-hard realities .

One : America\'s own interests take precedence over all else .And in the furtherance of these ,she has time and again , pulverized whole swathes of the world and decimated entire populations without a second thought -or the slightest compunction.

The second : even a \'whore\' , albeit of Britain\'s proficiency, often finds it very difficult to collect - even for \'yeoman\' services rendered.

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Friday 06th July, 2007
Global Warming or ..
Do nothing.

Charge around in your SUVs.
Zip through the skies in your Lear Jets.
Guzzle your Cabernets and Chablis.
Do your 'designer' coke and drugs.
Rave round the clock.
Shop till you drop.
Invade a few more Iraqs and Irans.
Shoot up a million or two more 'bad guys' -
and their children.
Worship your Paris Hiltons and American Idols.

Let the 5 billion Third Worlders go up in smoke
-or 'go under'.
There'd then be more (pristine) air to go around.
And all will be right with the world.

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Sunday 01st July, 2007
Knoghthoods and all that Jazz
While I write this ,the sounds blare in the background-loud,strident and cuttingly intrusive. On the usual hackneyed topics currently convulsing the Western media : the BBC on "Anti-Americanism" , CNN on 'the UK threat perceptions and their being inextricably linked to the Knighthood for Salman more
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Wednesday 20th June, 2007
But Doodle knows as well as I
Just came across this absolute gem on another site, that says it all:

" Hillary is a professional politician and is neither a vane nor a compass. She is a whore who will sell her influence to the highest bidder. But she is no different than any of the other elected officials in this country. The Democrats and the Republicans are both branches of the same political party. The corporate party. We are no longer a country “of, by and for the people”. We are now a country “of, by and for the corporations”. Hillary and her cohorts will continue to do the bidding of corporations. If not they will be replaced."

Ah America - 'the land of the free , the home of the brave' ..The land beloved by all ,yet ,in the very same breath ,hated by all. A nation where the free booters (very touchingly now called 'corporate czars ") lead from behind . Very cannily enticing the freethinkers into the vanguard :to pipe all who follow to their destruction .

Music to every non American heart.

The world can thank its lucky stars that Hitler could never see past his nose . Else he might well have learnt quite a thing our two about how cleverly the Yanks managed to pull off the greatest con job ever . Intoxicating the 'wretched of the Earth" on the headiest drug of them all . One whose very name has such a ringing , clarion-like quality to it - "Freedom' .Then marching them off to war after war - with high song on their lips and raging blood-lust in their souls.

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Monday 18th June, 2007
"Triumph of the Will"
What chance do the soft , hushed voices of reason , compassion or goodwill have against an avalanche of corporate greed and machination.

Can sage wisdom ,or wise counsels, ever prevail over cynically murderous inhumanity .Swooping in for that kill.

What will ever slake the lust of limitless wealth and power -preying on the blood and the flesh of the meek and the powerless.

The last faint spark of Good has long been snuffed out.

Nothing ,but nothing, remains . Not the frailest strand .

Lead us over the brink . On into the darkest depths .Past the lair of even Evil Incarnate.

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Tuesday 29th May, 2007
Je t'adore
As one of the 5 plus billion ‘lesser breeds’ the outrages wreaked by an increasingly out-of-control West makes my blood boil.

For far ,far too long have we suffered having the jackboots of the ‘master race’ grinding our faces , bodies and souls into the dirt.

First it more
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Sunday 12th September, 2004
In February 1959 , the American extravaganza ‘Holiday on Ice” was staged in Calcutta.

The build-up to the show was tremendous. For weeks before ,the papers were full of it . Throughout the city, huge billboards and banners proclaimed the show.

A huge ice staking rink was to be installed by an American contractor Worthington Simpson - an undertaking that had never before been attempted. The mind boggled at the very thought of so much ice being conjured up in a hot ,tropical environment like Calcutta. The city was agog with anticipation – thousands waited with bated breath , in eager anticipation of the events to come..

The pageant was staged in the evening . I went along with my parents and a friend of theirs. To say that it was spectacular would be understating it. It was absolutely stupendous …. Men and women dressed in gorgeous costumes twirling and swirling on the ice floor…the music , the exquisite choreography ….the entire ambience….everything building up to the grand finale. The audience ,in their thousands , were absolutely entranced and mesmerized - caught up and swept along in the magic of the moment ..never having seen anything like it before..
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