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Monday 25th April, 2005
A man in search of himself
When people look at me, who do they see? Do they see a man struggling to find his place in society or do they see the youth I was, full of mistakes and misunderstanding?

I know I should not pay attention to what many think of me, but in the world of today we let others dictate who we are. It is something I have struggled with the past few years. Trying not to be me without letting so many people down. However, I fear I may have already done that.

There was a time when I felt like I had it all, the love of family, great friends and dreams. When did it all change? My family hardly talks anymore and my friends are now few. My dreams went out the window with it all. So now I sit broken and torn trying to piece back who I am. I shut of memories for fear of pain and being hurt again, but would that really be a bad thing.

The reconstruction is taking place but what do I want to be
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