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Thursday 12th July, 2012
Pen's Calendar Moment - July 11th
I began smoking when I was 19. It would have been earlier but my first husband [who smoked] made sure I didn't begin. I suppose he was just looking out for me but I hadn't gotten out of my rebellion stage and it was during a time when smoking was considered cool in a slightly sinister sort of more
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Saturday 07th July, 2012
Okay, maybe it's not such a big deal but why not write about something rather than nothing?

As many of you know, I've named my vehicles in the past. Ezekiel - Homer for my 2 red Dodge Ram trucks and now Evangeline for my silver Dodge Challenger because cars, even muscle cars look more feminine than masculine.

I got the factory stripes removed because they chopped the sleek lines of the car by slashing diagonally through instead of running along horizontally. If you can't visualize this perhaps your ability to visualize doesn't expand to B Body cars.

What I've done this time is actually order a custom made decal for the car's back bumper spelling out EVANGELINE in a font [Lazerbeam surprise @ size 288] that conveys speed in a size that can be seen from at least five car lengths away. The colour I've ordered for the decal is Amethyst glitter which will compliment the silver very nicely.

Now my other idea for some custom painted details will have to wait while I mull the whole thing over and figure out just how original I want to be without being gaudy.

I already have an NRA sticker in the back window thanks to my buddy in Kentucky sending me one.
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Thursday 05th July, 2012
Difficult Decisions
For lack of a better venue I've decided to do my downloading here.

The other day I received a letter from a person [who shall for this moment remain nameless] and it's been a puzzlement why anyone in their right mind would explore an avenue that's so unlikely to create a satisfactory conclusion. I've no illusions about this person's intelligence but get vexed at the ludicrous conclusions they reach with no provocation. I worry how much sleep they lose over problems that don't exist.

Their disturbing inability to respect the decisions of another who chooses to avoid interactions with them for the sake of mutual harmony in public or private venues is perplexing.

Why would anyone send a letter to someone who has tactfully blocked their ability to leave comments on posts due to their inability to be objective? They've noticed I don't comment on their posts for equity reasons. Why would they state it's better not to leave comments and then revisit snarky ones they'd made in the past validating what up until the letter's arrival had simply been opinions of possible/probable suppositions? Why then proceed to revisit past comments after stating it's something better left alone?

Should I post this letter of unmitigated tripe that is contradictory? Would they recognize themselves without being named?

What logical person could behave in such a manner? Are they seriously expecting a reply?

Well, it ain't going to happen. Not because I don't love them anymore. It's just because any sincere response would be misinterpreted in a malicious manner.

Therefore, an announcement.

Any future letters to me from you will be posted publicly.

Please, get on with your life and know I'd prefer it if you were happy.

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Sunday 30th October, 2011
Day 19
I'm not sure what landmark is relevant so I'll ignore them all and make up my own. After all, it's my addiction and I believe everyone is different, to a degree.

What confounds me is that what I experienced last time I quit cold turkey doesn't seem to be prevalent this time. more
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Saturday 22nd October, 2011
My Wretched Habit
When I began smoking it was a cool thing to do. I suppose that tells you just how long I've been traveling tobacco road. I used to deliver mail with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and smoking helped my sortation in the morning before I went out on my route. Imagine, if you will, a chunky more
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Wednesday 09th February, 2011
Gone But Not Forgotten
LitOgre's Ball

Okay, I knew this was here and was wondering how my posts had been 'handled' in this circumstance. Guess what? The only thing that's left is because arc did the original post.

Imagine, if you will, more
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Sunday 06th February, 2011
Stream writing #1
Before I get going on where I'm off and away to .. never was much for a blog thingie. Kind of scared me putting down stuff that might be too personally dangerous/revealing/whatever. Worry about losing control but .. here goes ...

There it is
that beautiful sound coming from where
the bunkhouse or beyond
I've gotta find the source
it's rumbling down the hill and into my brain
not again!
Music which isn't pop rock jazz or jive
but alive with orchestra strains and strings
an almost living thing
am I still crazy?
I thought I was cured by a kid who needed me sane
but there it is again and again I'm scared of it.
I thought I was past losing my way
and was totally okay.
Off to the bunkhouse
looking for a radio tearing through the cots
for what should be forgotten and happily lost
cause the cost is too dear
and belongs to past years
when I was young and crazy and not twenty
and in control
the music rolls down the hill
and into the boom and under the salt water skim
to curl up in the whirl pools of Blind Channel
where the weather is fine
and my child's asleep
far from the madness known as his mother.
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