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Wednesday 09th September, 2009
Why Pit-Bulls Get Bad Raps (BAD Owners!)
First, a disclaimer: I’m a dog lover, and I do like pit-bulls. When bred and raised responsibly by responsible adults, they grow to be warm and loving, and they are fiercely loyal. They are not dogs to have around children, and definitely, they are not dogs that can be allowed to run loose and more
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Monday 07th September, 2009
Inkwells, pens, papers, and rambling incessantly!
As a writer, I’m a tormented soul!
Well, not really; but, sometimes it feels as if I’m tormented.

There’s a crazy truth when it comes to writers and their writings, and the paradox creates such a chasm that it’s ridiculous. When a writer is not writing, the well of ideas more
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Sunday 21st June, 2009
Thinking about blogs
I've been thinking about blogs lately.


My goddaughter recently published a book titled They Be We. In conjunction with her book's release, she created a WordPress blog to promote the title. The blog more
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Saturday 04th April, 2009
I'm getting a grip!
I didn't know where else this would fit, so I put it here, in my blog.

I've been absent from the pages of litdotorg lately. I have, however, been working behind the scenes to keep the site running. Mostly, I've been reading and validating submissions as they come in, and I've been keeping the newsletter flowing. Those two things in themselves have been a lot of work!

Now that I only have 1 1/2 chapters to finish on my book, and my deadline is two months away, I'm feeling more comfortable and less rushed with my writing. That gives me more time to be present on the actual pages of litdotorg.

My apologies to all those who thought I'd abandoned the site -- nothing is farther from the truth. Everyone here has been writing the most brilliant poetry and fiction. I've read every piece as I validate them.

In the upcoming weeks, I plan on being more active in reading and responding, and, I'll probably post a few short stories of my own that got cut from my soon-to-be-released work. Word counts and publisher restrictions are terrible beasts, and I don't want that material to go to waste.

Keep writing, everyone! You people are among the best of the best on the internet, and for many of you, I see bright futures as writers, poets, and authors.

I'm happy to be a part of this community!

Ochani Lele
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Wednesday 14th January, 2009
I'm having a hard time keeping up.
I'm having a hard time keeping up with life lately. It moves faster than my 43 year old body can handle sometimes.

My job is a nightmare. I was looking forward to the month of January. Finally, the unit I work on hired a new person; however, she is pregnant, and will be taking more
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Wednesday 07th January, 2009
The end of another long day.
It's the end of another long day, or, should I say, another long night. I woke up at 4:00 PM yesterday to do the 1001 things I had to do before work: throw in a load of laundry, walk the dog (I love that little thing!), answer email, eat, shower, dress, put clothes in the dryer, and fly-by the website to make sure all was well.

And then, I had to go to work.

So now I'm up winding down; it's almost noon, and I still haven't been to bed.

But, I'm excited.

For you see, I wrote our wonderful technomage Chrispian late last night while on my lunch-break. I decided that the reason I loved LiveJournal blogging so much more than litdotorg blogging is because, honestly, their pages are prettier! They have more features. And it feels more like an interactive community.

But when I really compared our blogging features to LJ's, well, there really isn't that much more. Visually, our blog pages aren't as nice, and we can't create personalized friends' lists.

Or can we?

Over the next few weeks, as time allows, Chrispian is going to weed through our code and see how difficult it will be to update our blogging features. They may not be as "advanced" as LJ's, but with some tweaking, I think we can provide a satisfying blogging environment.

I'm looking forward to that.

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Tuesday 06th January, 2009
Thanks to CLBA, I have the Letter of the Year
Thanks to CLBA, I have our "Letter of the Year." It's in Spanish here. In a day or two, I'll publish an English translation.




Para Cuba y el mundo.

A los sacerdotes de Ifá, a los more
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English Translation and my godson both had good translations of the "Letter of the Year." I'm posting an English version here.

Ochani Lele

To the priests of Ifá, our brothers and sisters--the oriatés, babaloshas, iyaloshas, and iworos-- and to the religious public in more
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Monday 05th January, 2009
Slowly, I'm making the transition from LiveJournal
I'd by lying if I didn't say I love the way LiveJournal is set up.

Although I made most of my journal entries private a few months ago, I've been blogging on LJ since 1996. I was so in love with all the features that I bought a paid account.

But now that I'm here on litdotorg, and trying to nurture the site as a co owner, I'm feeling torn. LiveJournal is beautiful and feature-rich, but, I feel like I'm betraying myself by adding content to their servers when I own half of a website with blogging features already installed.

So . . . slowly, I'm making the transition. My blogs will be here, mostly, while I wean myself off LJ.

And perhaps, when I discover what features I miss, truly, from that old forum, I'll beg and plead Chrispian, the technomage, to tweak litdotorg's code so it includes some of the feature rich templates of LiveJournal.

So much work for the year ahead. How will it ever get done?

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It's hard working off two computers.
It's hard working off two computers.

I've always had a desktop and a laptop for as long as I can remember, and to keep the two in sync, I used the sneaker-net relentlessly. Until two years ago, there was no wireless networking in my home; and anything I wrote on my laptop had to be more
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Wednesday 03rd December, 2008
Good news, bad news.
Even my professional life is in a constant state of revision.
I heard from my publisher yesterday; when I got home from work, after a long 12 hour shift, I had an email waiting for me in my mailbox. The good news is: They want my project. The bad news is: They only want one book. At least, more
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Sunday 30th November, 2008
Too many things to do . . . having a hard time keeping up!
All I know is this -- there just aren't enough hours in the day!

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Tuesday 25th November, 2008
I'm testing the blog function of litdotorg
I do have another blog that I keep regarding spiritual things; however, since litdotorg is a writer's site, I am testing the blogging functions of this forum.

I've always wanted to keep a public blog about the writing life, and what better place to do such a thing than on a site dedicated to writers and writing?

Ochani Lele
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Various things.
I have a lot going on in my life professionally; it's mind-boggling and exhausting.

The Authors Guild approved my first, out-of-print book for its "back in print" program. It's a free service offered in conjunction with iUniverse in which an out-of-print book to which an author more
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Saturday 22nd November, 2008
Writing for hours . . .
I've been writing for hours. I think I turned on my laptop about 7:00 PM, opened Microsoft Word, and opened a chapter on the odu Obara. Until 11:00 PM, I worked and wrote and rewrote a short story until my fingers hurt and my brain cramped.

It was the worst writing of my life.

Well, perhaps that's an exaggeration. More than likely, it was the second worst thing I’ve written in my life. Still, I can’t bear to stop working on the piece. I cut it; I move it; I rewrite it; I rip it to shreds and then I put it back together again.

Still, the rotten work sits there, taunting me. Somehow, I will make this story “work” the way I want it to work.

When it comes to writing, I think the key is constant rewriting; nothing put on paper is ever right the first time, and even months after a project is over and done, a writer returns to it lamenting every word written. I like what August Wilson said regarding the concept of writing and rewriting:

“Regardless of the medium, rewriting and more rewriting is still necessary. No one gets anything right the first time, and since I don't write with a hammer and chisel, it's relatively easy for me to change. It's just words on paper. Words are free. You don't go to the store and order a pound of words, or five hundred words, and pay your three dollars. They're free.”

That quote sums up this entire blog quite nicely. No one gets anything right the first time. Too bad I'm on my 100th attempt with this story.

Ócháni Lele
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Wednesday 19th November, 2008
My First Blog
This is my first blog on litdotorg.

I'm writing about nothing in particular here.

It is a test, and just a test, and if I pass this test, you, my reader, have just read the most worthless thing I've ever written!

And in fairness to you, it's probably the worst thing you've ever read!

And to make things worse -- you hung on my every word!

But don't worry -- future blogs will be more entertaining!

Love to you all:
Ochani Lele
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