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Wednesday 06th June, 2007
The Power of Women; A talk on love & life
A Day of Change

As you get older you begin to no longer see individual faces you see instead the same faces on different people. You begin to notice how everyone looks and acts the same. Then you begin to crave change, change in faces, and variance in your day to day more
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Monday 18th December, 2006
Throw me a freaking bone!
Dear Friends,

Hello we how are you and I and they? That's great! So I was sitting here being depressed and crying over my failed marriage and lack of money, when suddenly I came up with the brightest idea that maybe I should get off my ass and get a job, even if it is going to most more
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Tuesday 01st August, 2006
Check out my Blog
Hi I made a Yahoo 360 Blog check it out:

Cynthia Y.
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Wednesday 29th March, 2006
Immigration Reform; Who It Really Hurts.
In my opinion, Latino's should be allowed to stay in this country and work. The people that would mostly be hurt are the children of the immigrants. What I think that congress is afraid to say is that they want to keep Latino's here freely and only gear the laws toward nations linked to terrorism. Sometimes I just wish that people would say what they mean and forget about the politics of it all, but I understand their need to keep their prestige and position.

Itís basically an every man/woman for themselves kind of world. Mostly everyone is selfish or if they do decide on a whim to help their fellow man they do it and make sure that others are aware of it. It is wonderful the way everyone did rally around the Katrina victims. Many churches organized trips to help in rebuilding and feeding the New Orleans residents and workers. Many of the workers that are helping to rebuild this great city are Latino's. Everyone plays a part in this rebuild. If you brought out your mad side when FEMA and the government took so long to get into action, then you helped. It is crucial for us as Americans with rights to enforce those rights with our voices.

When you lay your head down at night think about those children of the immigrants and that feeling in your stomach you get around lunch time. Try going without lunch. See how it feels to these children everyday that their parents are not working. See how long you can stand it. We should support legislation that keeps children safe and happy, and that keeps their parents with money in their pockets to support them.

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Tuesday 07th February, 2006
I'm just saying...
We are losing our position as the #1 world leader and that really worries me. I keep hearing about other leaders coming in to "help" us. One (Prince Abdullah) is helping those in New Orleans to rebuild while another is helping those in Chicago I believe to heat their homes.

This may more
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Tuesday 07th September, 2004
I am proud to announce that I have gotton married. On August 10th 2004. He is so great.
I wish that I could send all of you a piece of cake. My new last name is Yildirim. He's 30 and from Ankara, Turkey and moved here to study Biz Admin.. I'm so happy with him no more loniness at last.

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Monday 03rd May, 2004
News Flash!
Love has found me and I have taken hold and will not be letting go this time.
He is my life my love my everything. For I am now engaged!
The song I'm in the mood for love keeps ringing in my head.
So many people fall in love in the spring and summer such a joyous time.
A toast to all those who will be married this summer!
More news I am beginning to totally love physics. The more I know the more I think of theories. I hope that I can one day understand all the math to it. LoL.
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