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Saturday 27th August, 2011
Hurricane Irene
I've been watching the news reports.

Everyone in the path of Irene please stay safe.

Thoughts and prayers are with you all.
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Saturday 20th August, 2011
A note of gratitude to my readers

A note of gratitude to my readers

I have been published online and in print for years now and I love to receive word, commentary and questions from my readers about my work. Iím grateful to them all for taking the time to write to me.
I also get emails from other writers who are starting out with their own writing projects for the first time. Iím happy to help and advise as best I can.
Many of my readers are now my friends and weíve stayed in touch.
Itís great when I occasionally meet readers and they present me with the copies of my books theyíve bought and ask me to sign them. Some readers have bought my book electronically for their eReaders, Kindles, etc, and thrust a sheet of paper at me and ask for me to autograph it. So long as theyíre not slyly trying to get me to sign a blank cheque, I donít mind. Some have asked why I never charge for an autograph. Reason is that Iím happy for every autograph I give away and those readers have already given me something in return: the great feeling that they think enough of my work to do that.
The friendship is great.
Thank you.
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