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Monday 16th February, 2004
Confessions of a Blue Ribbon Junkie (1)

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(A behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing saga of a woman's quest to garner more blue ribbons)

November (fair is ten months away): Although she has only a more
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Saturday 14th February, 2004
Silly Little Kitty
I've never written a eulogy for a cat before. Part of it is sad, but after watching my daughters cry so much, I wanted to make them laugh a little, too. Out of all the pets we've had-- and that's included rats, a hamster, other cats, lizards, frogs, and a foster dog-- Lily was the one they were more
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Wednesday 11th February, 2004
I Love to Vote!

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I love to vote. Sounds corny, doesn't it? It's certainly not unique to do so, since millions of other people do it (but still, not enough). And I'm voting for the same more
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Thursday 08th January, 2004
Dueling Altars
"Well, now, are we ready?" Jack Skellington asked, withdrawing his arms from around his two lovelies, Sally and Lenore.

"It's time?" Sally asked, arching her stuffy back. Her plush stuffing spine did not pop.

"Yes, yes, yes," Jack said impatiently, taking a stride more
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Thursday 01st January, 2004
Bobo Ramblings 3
Here's the synopsis for my book 'On Top of Old Smoky'. Any feedback is appreciated.


Old Smoky is a rambling, hilly village set atop high cliffs above the sea and surrounded by emerald sheep meadows. It is a tiny, old, quaint town in more than appearance, for more
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Monday 29th December, 2003
Bobo Ramblings 2
It's time to send my novel off again to a literary agency for consideration. The "business end" of writing has always terrified me, especially when it comes to pesky things like synopsises (synopses?) and outlines. How the hell do you encapsulize a 90,000 word novel? I think the synopsis I've more
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Wednesday 24th December, 2003
Happy Holidays!
Wishing all the readers and writers at Lit.Org a very Merry Christmas and holiday season! May your eggnog be full of nutmeggy goodness, your Christmas tree never lose its needles, and your lights never blow a fuse!

And for your holiday enjoyment: Click a Deer for Holiday Cheer!
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Thursday 18th December, 2003
Bobo Ramblings 1
That's the first title that popped into my head. Don't know why. Just writer's ramblings.

I'm definitely going to continue to submit Gotcha!, even if it evidently has no plot, goes nowhere, and is only a measly vignette instead of a tried-and-true story. Because it will be more
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Thursday 13th November, 2003
What is this?
So, I went looking through my 33-gallon tub of old writings, and found this poem that I wrote when I was seventeen. I was really surprised to even find that I have a poetry folder, since I gave up writing poetry about fifteen years ago, but that's beside the point.

There's a lot of poetry around here, but when I read the comments I usually have no idea what anyone's talking about regarding the *types* of poetry. To all you learned poets out there, what I'm asking is, what type of poem is this one? (besides "bad")

"Out of-- Whack?"

I don't care
Do you understand my stare?
I was born under Saturn
Gloomy, grave, and full of despair.
My mind is a speeding pinwheel,
Built with colors, glass, and assorted shrapnel
--"Hello? Anybody home?"--
You need a flashlight to find me!
My mind is an erected circus tent
Filled with asterisks, exclamation points, and
An occasional dash or two.
Huh?-- What?-- Speak louder!
My shepherd is maybe Pasht, maybe Bahia
maybe an overgrown chihuahua.
I like to eat live blowfish and
Suck on pink iguana eggs.
Oh-- how unctuous!
My maker is a regular person, or
maybe a rare species of feces, or
An unmistakable paradox of beauty.
--"I just tripped on Your Shoelace!"--
My body is an everchanging kaleidoscope,
But the patterns are not equal or the same.
So I adjusted a knob and pushed a button,
And fixed the whole damn thing!
--"Hey! Hey--Hey--Psssttt!"--
Do ya care?
Do ya understand my stare?
My whole life's a turbulent roller coaster;
Maybe a bubble,
Maybe a blimp.


**** Hrm, typing this up, I think I was on some kind of vocabulary kick. I remember "unctuous" being on a spelling test.
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Thursday 06th November, 2003
So, of course, it's nothing like how I'd even dared to imagine it: either walking back from the mailbox or sitting at the computer, getting an acceptance, and hooting and hollering to the moon. Everyone comes running, and I get a huge hug and calls of happy congratulations.

No, when more
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