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Thursday 26th February, 2009
Lent 2009
LENT 2009

40 days and 40 nights
How to be in the gloom
A seeker of the light
Is there a place I can bloom

I am wanting too much altogether too quick
Like a teenager consumed with need
Yet as an adult I expect a kick
And like a farmer Iíve planted many a seed

Where can I find perspective to cope
In the darkness of a winter season
Why is this often the time I mope
Are my thoughts devoid of reason

What would it like to fly away from feeling
Would it like leaving the world of my kind
Is there a way back from kneeling
When there will be presence of mind

Is there no limit to self examination
It may be when ones naval is oneís sole contemplation
Is there no logically crafted explanation
Perhaps its just time to divert oneís attention

From seeking ways to feed my anxious greed
As a means to escape the act of redemption
It has come to the point that I must accept my need
And to just quit hanging to self-condemnation

It means that in seeking there can be peace
It requires less preoccupation with filling a spiritual hole
In order that there be room for divine release
I must invite and await Divinity to feed my soul

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