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Sunday 28th November, 2004
"Browser Highjack"
All day today I have been unable to visit any of my favorte sites. I couldn't access google either. Some odd search engine kept popping up. I have spent hundres of dollars on repair over the past year. Today, luckily as I was making an appointment for my computer to be delt with my roomate stepped in.
He said what I had was a "highjacker" and that the way to repair it was to download a free version of "Adaware" then run the program. "Adaware" finds the problems and removes them. Once this has finished it is best to run a second free download called "spyblaster: search and destroy" on the computer. Once this is done go to or which ever server you prefer and set it for you homepage.
After proceeding to tell me this was basic computer knowledge I felt like an idiot, but an idiot with an extra $100 in his pocket! I felt i had to share this information with anyone else who might face this problem.
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Saturday 27th November, 2004
Why my sister is EVIL!!!!!
When I was 18 I went to London
My oldest sister whom I like to call by her proper name
Or Adira for short
Had invited me along to visit my oldest brother
Who after 20 years in Brooklyn
Now spoke with a British accent so thick he needed subtitles
He was 23 years young
but acted like he was in his 40’s starring in a movie from the 40’s.
My brother, the schmuck
Was a private investigator
This meant nothing to anyone in the family.
We all played along though so not to hurt his fantasy world where he was “cool”
This trip however he changed
From being responsible man among men he was now
Under the thumb of the evil Adira Black
As a laugh she stole my passport, wallet and luggage
Before stating which hotel we would stay or where my brothers flat was located
she asked for my brother to pull to the curb
That was when she asked me to buy her a latte
As I stepped from the vehicle she threw me a note
It read:
“HA! You are stuck in a foreign country without proof you exist! YOU IMMIGRANT! Good luck getting home you scrubber! Watch out for immigration and find a shelter before it gets dark. I’ll pick you up here in 4 days at 14:36 ha ha ha prick!”
It wasn’t a joke. 4 days passed of sleeping with bums who unlike the ones in America have $200 cell phones
And nike trainers.
THIS this THIS is WHY my sister is EVIL!

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