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Monday 22nd March, 2004
Opening Night
It went well, Opening Night. Our crowd was friendly on Friday, salutory on Saturday and sleepy on Sunday. Still, I am gaining valuable information from watching the crowd.

The composer/music director/keyboardist watched me in the audience on Sunday, mumbling into the headset "She more
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Friday 19th March, 2004
Butterflies again
Here I am. I should be at least trying to sleep, but I can't sleep, what a foolish thought.

My show opens tomorrow...oops, tonight.

It's been ten years since the original foolish idea, which was just a title.

It's been five years since I and a friend fiddled around with a concept, and kicked song titles out, each goading the other to higher levels of outrageousness. Song titles like "Goodbye, Mrs. Liddy," "We Are The Democrats," "I Am Not A Crook," and "How Could You, Mr. President."

It was a year or more of research, and nine months in the writing. Rewrites are ongoing, and will continue based on audience response.

But here it is, ladies and gentlemen: Opening Night on Watergate! the Musical. And it looks GOOD. Sure, there are some problems, including some cuts made by the director that I am just plain unhappy with, but all in all, it's much more beautiful than I could have imagined it to be. In the past year, Jason Brown, composer extraordinaire, and I have created (as one cast member put it) "something from nothing."

I am astounded, amazed, humbled and proud.

Wish me luck, wish me huge audiences, wish me good reviews...I wish you all could be with me on this special night.

And yet, I know you already are.

Thank you.
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Thursday 15th January, 2004
Poetry Reading, Take One.
I begin with my second trip to Staples in the space of two hours. I flash a smile at George the Copy Guy, who flushes, and help myself to the self-service copier. Twenty dollars later, I am finished, laden with more poetry than I'll need. Anything to delay making a decision.

I arrive more
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Monday 12th January, 2004
Poetry Reading....butterflies!~
It's coming up...this Wednesday!!! Last minute advice, recommendations, and words of encouragement welcomed here!

Thanks, everybody!

(who still needs an avatar)
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Tuesday 06th January, 2004
Pen, johnlib,Elph, Claire, Darkshine, Bob...all others...HELP!!
I have been asked to participate in a poetry reading less than ten days hence... Assistance, please!!!!

I need help choosing six poems to bring to the reading.

Would you please leave comments regarding which you think are best for a reading?

This will mark my official debut as a poet. I've never done a reading before.

Can I be terrifically excited and drymouth scared at the same time?

Betcher ass I can.
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Saturday 08th November, 2003
Now we're getting somewhere

Today I have a little time to fiddle... usually, unless a poem hits me full blown, all done except for minor tinkering, I must wait for a chunk of time when I can work, undisturbed. Hah, try that with two kids....which explains my midnight posts.

So. Enough stalling, start to work, first thing, title:

Not much Longer Now
Just One More Night
A Little While

Grow So Fast

Warm against my breast
to match the warm inside my heart
tender body tucked in cupping curve of mine
for tonight
I've made our cozy nest
my large fingers
with her trusting little ones entwined
her sighing breaths measuring out
moments in my soul
Soft her cornsilk hair beneath my cheek
My back and neck twist painful round
her sleep-softened mass of sweet
In daytime she the focus of my hopes,
the source of screams
but for tonight
affection and protection weave us
gentle dreams.


The meter stumbles towards the end, and the rhyme scheme is either too regular or not regular enough, and I'm not crazy about the sighing breaths measuring moments of my soul line, but this blog is about the process in action, so I'll leave it.

For now.

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Wednesday 05th November, 2003
more fragments, though it would be helpful to be able to see what i have put down before, guess i'll figure that as i go. damn this cramping left hand, someday soon i'll write again with right.


don't want to be my superhero
sometimes one and one
add up to less than zero

fall into that blue vortex


maybe i can work with these tomorrow.
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not yet, not yet...
more fragments....
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fragments; don't look yet
and my thought is this: that i collect my bits and pieces on the blog, then shape them into something under the -maybe- everpresent watchful eye of other writers (oh, the pressure!) who will comment when they think i'm heading off wrong. i assume.

writing as performance art, hah.

and here is also the spot where i apologize for my annoying lack of capitals. i was injured, and type with one hand only; skipping the shift key to save a bit of stress on my left wrist.

this morning's bits:

you got on first,
rode awhile before i entered

watched me as i stepped
unwary through the door

fingertips and forehead
seek cold comfort from the glass


tender body tucked in cupping curve of mine

sighing breaths
measure out the moments of my soul

cornsilk hair beneath my cheek

back and neck twist round
this sleep-softened mass of sweet

affection and protection weaving
gentle dreams around us both

a dream disturbed me last night. i visited a place i used to work, saw all my former co-workers looking fit and trim and exquisitly made up. one of them informed me that my husband was leaving me for her. through my tears, i told carol that i really didn't blame either of them. she was sticking address labels on wedding invitations. they had my husband's name on them. i woke up in a sweat.
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Tuesday 04th November, 2003
initiate blogification
and so this works by what? simply posting the thing under the category of "blog"? and then i access it exactly how??? great addition, crowe, thank you very much.
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