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Wednesday 04th May, 2005
Wed. May, 04, 05
I've been neglecting my writing. At the moment it's on life support, hanging on by a thin thread of ambition and a tube pumping nutrients composed of wouldofs, couldofs, and shouldofs. A most lovely combination.

In short, life happens.

Good News List:
1) It's senior year and I'm graduating soon
2) I have a job
3) I got a scholarship for college
4) I got a boyfriend
5) I get to leave school early
6) Prom is just around the corner
7) I do have story ideas
8) I got free clothes
9) I have my college schedule
10) Mom went grocery shopping and there is lots of munchies

Bad News:
1) I still don't know how to park at 90 degree angles
2) I hate my job
3) I can't see my boyfriend
4) The H/S office keeps screwing up my schedule
5) I have political debates tomorrow
6) My good buddy isn't going to prom
7) I have yet to actually "write" anything
8) I have to go to work at 4
9) My eyeball hurts
10) My cat is dying

That covers the long and short of things. So I'm caught up where the blogging is concerned. Yippie.

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Wednesday 20th October, 2004
Breaking through
I haven't been as active on this site as I would have liked in the last week or so. Usually, I can spit out poems. True, a lot of them are bad but there is usually a concept, a word, a phrase, something that inspires me to pluck it from that mess and continue on. But, I guess in a sense, I've been more
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Wednesday 13th October, 2004
My toybox
It was a long weekend. Long enough that I actually took the time and completed a large chunk of notecards. Considering I wasn't planning on doing them because I find that part of the assignment particularly stupid, I felt expecially...well, special. As if I should recieve some sort of congrats. more
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Friday 08th October, 2004
In Learning center a few days ago I was chatting with a friend. For some reason I can't get the conversation out of my head. We had a conversation about faith and this is what he told me. He said he had a dream where God came to him. He knew it was God. How he knew he didn't say, and I really didn't ask. Dreams are funny that way. Anyways, he said in his dream God was a duck and you want to know what God said? Quack.

So that's the story and it's so interesting that i can't stop thinking about it. God...a duck, of all things. But, why not?
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Thursday 07th October, 2004
Pizza and Coffee
oct 7 thurs.
Sounds like a lovely breakfast doesn't it? Let me assure you, it was, but i think i just might be exhaling puffs of smoke later. That or all my teeth will fall out.

Gaw, it's been one of those weeks. I just don't want to go to school. I brought home a digital more
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Wednesday 06th October, 2004
Going back...
wed, october 6, 2004

Well, i'm going back to school today. Yesterday I skipped out because of my cold. It wasn't especially bad but I had gym and heaven forbid they let a sick person out of gym for one day without taking points off. Now i can make it up another day and still get all more
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Sunday 03rd October, 2004
I hate having a cold because 1) it's not even like a real sickness, only a shadow of one so you still have to do stuff 2) It lingers. I've had a sore throat for the last few days, didn't help when i was screaming at the football game I'm sure, but sometimes you just gotta blow things like that off. more
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Saturday 02nd October, 2004
Friday-I hate parking
Well, today was a pretty splendid day. First the pep(prep :P) rally then the homecoming game. Sure, we lost but it's the second time so the disapointment wasn't as bad for some, and worse for others. Most people go just to chat with their friends anyways. Don't get me wrong, I still support the more
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Thursday 30th September, 2004
That Makes Living
Well, this is my second attempt at a song. Like before, i really don't know anything about setting up the chorus and what *cough* I didn't even bother adding one. I do like this one considerably better than my first attempt though despite some of my own annoyances with it. more
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It's toga day, uh....morning so far, haven't gotten off to school yet and I'm still fussing with this toga. I have NO idea how to put it on. I swear if i was a guy this would be a whole lot easier, they don't have to deal with covering up boobs. --.-- I'm usually not into the whole spirit week thing, not for this school anyways because unfortunately, i dispise it. ha! and Ironically no one really knows that because i'm a "good" student or have been occasionally been called tthe "smart girl." You know with that rep you're suppose to like the school and all. But who doesn't want to wear a blanket to school? It's one of those things where your inner child comes out and says "I want to play too!" If only i can get this thingy to attatch right!!

Oh, and you know before you go to sleep your mind is was last night and this is what came to mind. What is alt? I know what control is, i know what delete is but what is alt? That little lonely key stuck in the middle there. And what does alt stand for?

Just got the top fixed of the toga...actually switched out sheets...lets see what i can do about the bottom. I'll tell how it goes later...
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Wednesday 29th September, 2004
Good afternoon. Well, I hope it turns out good. In Gym, for running the mile my time was 11:11 which is both a good and bad thing. I don't think 11 minutes for a mile is that bad, but 11:11 is unlucky, or so i've read. It predicts bad things. So far the only bad thing today that happened was I forgot my notecards...somewhere. Either dropped them on the bus-which i will ask about later today-or in the hall and well...there is no chance of getting them back so why worry about it. Also, my first "college" test is today. Okay, so it's only a quiz, but it is still the first college thingy. I did study, still have my notes beside me. I really do hope i do well and that whole 11:11 thing doesn't come to bite me in the butt.
Today is also superhero day at Some of the costumes can only be described as wow. Powerpuff girls appear to be a real popular hero...for the guys. I haven't seen a girl powerpuff girl, but i've seen...i think three guys dressed up as them. Infact, i'm definitely sure I have because one was bubbles, one was buttercup, and the really good costume was Blossom. I don't think they planned it together, funny how that works out.
Class ends soon.
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Monday 27th September, 2004
American Pie
So, i'm doing an English report on American Pie by Don Mclean. I'm not exactly a music fanatic so it does involve some researching dating back to the ooo...50's or so. English reports aren't so bad, not really. I can think of worse things, like math, but this particular one is rubbing me the wrong more
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Friday 24th September, 2004
In Class
Okay, So currently i'm in Sociology class and i have 15 minutes to spare. I'm glad I found this site, it has a lot of great stuff on it and it's pretty simple to use. Even though i'm into the whole technology thing, I don't have the brains for it. Live journal for instance, I have an account, don't more
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