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Monday 02nd January, 2006
If I Die Tonight (Feeling Lucky)
So here, dervish whirling, this entity, I am...

..on floor in front of fireplace, penning this in insulated freedom. Massive power failure throughout area occurred about 18 hours ago. Beyond these walls it's ice-stilled darkness, broken only with sirens announcing cavalry and crackling from distressed trees.

After patronizing dark but open friendly neighborhood grocer, I'm close to one of hundred's in roll light, but United States of America secure. Power company workers are blocks away now. I see flickering of distant lights, unnoticed before not there .

Candles and I are lit. Grolsch, Heineken and V8, along with items from freezer, are chilling out on deck. Wine and Remy are fine. Cell service has been sporatic at best and phone is now decharged, but can't really complain about that.

Listening to, at some expense, a now battery-powered CD mix: Herbie Hancock's version of- "Sister Moon," featuring Sting...Stones'- "Fancy Man Blues," off: 'Rarities'...Jimi's- "Little Wing"..A Charlie Parker original, take 3 of- "Bird Gets The Worm."...Bob Marley's- "Jammin"...

So here, dervish whirling, this entity, I am...

..Feeling lucky

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