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Monday 01st June, 2009
Finding the Light in the Night
Countless times throughout my life, I have experienced that it is on sleep-deprived nights that I discover a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my life. Last night I stayed up all night on purpose watching movies until 4:30 in the morning. By that time sleep didnít make much sense.
When the more
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Wednesday 04th March, 2009
Tonight was Meant to be Awake
Tonight was meant to be awake.
Outside my window, young adults have become kids once again-
They scream, they shout, they laugh
rejoicing the moment,
Moment by moment.

Tonight was meant to be awake.
Inside our white-walled apartments, we toil with books and pencils
until weíre finished or until we donít care anymore.
We lose track of time
moment by moment.

Tonight was meant to be awake.
Here, in this room, my lights are still on, my eyelids are still light.
Iím not counting the minutes;
They can pass in their own time
moment by moment.
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Thursday 01st January, 2009
2008: My Year in [Brief] Review
2008. Every time that number goes through my head, I donít know where to begin. Should I start with the mountains or the valleys, or on the slopes between?
Maybe I should just spill it all out at once. 2008 was a rollercoaster of a year, the kind of rollercoaster that makes you vomit more
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Saturday 05th August, 2006
God's Amazing Powers
God has amazing powers.
That is not a surmise. Let me explain why:

I was pretty down this morning. My Mom was mad at me, and I was mad at being mad and tired of being so worked up. I was tired of obligation, tired of pressure, and tired of the sort of fear of losing more
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