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Are you new to Lit.Org is a community, if you will, for Writers and for Readers. The web has opened a door for creators allowing for quick, easy and mass publications. The ability to potentially reach thousands, even millions of readers is the lure most writers can't resist.

As an aspiring writer, I found that having my own place to publish my work, and with very little effort in the way of advertising, I was getting between 500 and 1000 hits a day. With the new and improved interface for adding users and allowing the citizens of cyber space to contribute in our writing community, we have expanded our resources and through more advertising have achieved even greater numbers. Lit.Org is a great way to get your work to your fans and new readers

We are dedicated to helping writers. We want you to get exposure and gain new readers. We wish to help promote you and your works in any way we can. To that effect we offer our posting service wich allows writers to submit any kind of written work they wish. We have an open forum as well as an announcement service where you can announce your own sites updates. We also have a weekly newsletter which we often feature our writers in. All of the features are free and we encourage you to use them.

We ask very little in return. Tell people to visit to get the latest news about literature and epublishing. Tell them Lit.Org is where you can find the latest and greates works posted on the web. Tell them they can find your work at You can use some of our handy banners or buttons to link back to us. But most of all, write and submit it to!